7 sex scandals in the world of sports that changed the career of its protagonists

The glory of professional sport brings with it prizes, money and fame, but also other distractions that some cannot control. In that sense, there are many cases of infidelity, betrayal, and even sex addiction, which have monopolized the front pages of the press. These are 7 sex scandals that, after coming to light, affected the career of those involved.

Recently, Joe Westerman, an English rugby union team, was caught having sex in an alley with a woman who was not his wife. This is just one of the many sex scandals surrounding the world of professional sports, around the planet.

Although, there are several cases, in different sports disciplines, of complaints and convictions for rape, sexual assault or abuse, including minors, in this note we will address those that could end up in court, but for other reasons.

Joe Westerman and rugby’s new sex scandal
It wasn’t February 14 yet and Joe Westerman already knew it wouldn’t be a good Valentine’s Day. It turns out that just a couple of days ago, the rugby player, from England’s Castleford Tigers, was caught having sex in an alley, with a woman who was not his wife.

His act was recorded and uploaded to social networks. Immediately, his wife and mother of his 3 children, confirmed that she was not the one who appeared in the audiovisual record.

The professional club, first, initiated an investigation and after verifying the shameful act, sanctioned Westerman with a financial fine. However, it is not yet known what the consequences will be for his professional life.

In this regard, there are many athletes recognized worldwide who have been involved in sex scandals, and beyond the shame of being discovered before the world, have seen their careers falter.

John Terry and Bridge Wayne: Break in England’s dressing room
Although, the story of this infidelity has been discarded by those involved and some English media had to apologize for their publications about it, it did affect everyone’s professional field.

Until 2009, John Terry and Wayne Bridge were teammates for England’s Chelsea and England. A year later, Bridge left for Manchester City, accompanied by his wife, the model, Vanessa Perroncel.

After the couple divorced, she returned to London and local media feasted on reporting that she would be in a relationship with Terry. The news soon turned into a scandal.

Although the sex scandal was never proven, the Chelsea player was stripped of the captaincy of the club and the national team, in addition to breaking the dressing room of the English team.

To spice up the story, when both involved crossed over a Premier League game, Bridge refused to greet Terry

Tiger Woods joins sex scandals in sports

Professional golfer Tiger Woods surprised the world with his talent and put the sport in the eye of many. In addition, the attitude and charisma of the athlete liked his followers, so what happened in 2009 was hard to believe for some.

In that year, after a car accident in front of his house, the press began to suspect that something was not right with the best golfer in history.

Soon after it was learned that Woods had cheated on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with multiple women, so their marriage ended. A couple of years later, the athlete began a relationship with Lindsey Vonn, to whom he was also unfaithful.

Finally, after his sex scandals were revealed, Tiger Woods entered a rehabilitation center to treat his addiction to sex, alcohol and opioids, and although he remains the best of all time in golf, from then on, his level was never the same again.

Love Boat: 100 prostitutes on a boat
On the night of October 6, 2005, a woman from the outskirts of Minneapolis, in the United States, called the police accusing that a group of men had urinated in her garden.

It turns out that that group was made up of members of the Minnesota Vikings football team, who were involved in one of the biggest sex scandals in sports.

On the occasion, up to 17 men, belonging to the American sports club, were caught at a sex party, with around 100 prostitutes, aboard a boat on Lake Minnetonka.

The case was dubbed ‘Love Boat’ by the press and cost some members charges of indecent conduct, disturbing public order and lewd conduct.

Meanwhile, the Vikings finished the season outside the playoffs and without the contract renewal of several players due to one of the NFL’s most notorious sex scandals.

Frozen semen? Boris Becker’s sex scandal
The year 1999 was not one of the best for Boris Becker. By then, the talented tennis player was on the verge of retirement, in the middle of the Wimbledon tournament, when a sex scandal began to brew that would directly involve him.

Between matches, the German, who openly cheated on his wife Barbara Feltus, met in a London restaurant with the Russian model, Angelika Ermakova.

In the middle of dinner, as confirmed by Becker himself, both went to the bathroom of the premises, where she performed oral sex on him. Almost 9 months later, she sent him a fax, stating that she was expecting a daughter, which turned out to be his, after applying paternity tests.

The issue came to light and became an immediate scandal. Ermakova was said to be part of the Russian mafia and to extort money from the tennis player. Even today, rumors say that the model kept her semen in a bottle, others say that she froze it and had it artificially inseminated.

Mauro Icardi, Maxi López and Wanda Nara
Argentine soccer player Maxi Lopez was happy in 2008, when he married his compatriot and model, Wanda Nara, with whom he had three children and a relationship that lasted until 2013.

In between, the athlete met and struck up a friendship with his colleague, Mauro Icardi, 11 years younger than him, whom he welcomed as one of his family.

After 5 years of marriage, apparently due to infidelities of Maxi López, the relationship with Wanda Nara ended, but shortly after, it was confirmed that she was now paired with Icardi.

The issue was a scandal, both in Europe and in Argentina. Until today it is a delicate issue, to such an extent that Mauro was not summoned for many years to the Albiceleste selection, according to rumors, due to the veto of the same selected.

Both involved faced each other on more than one occasion in their respective stays in Italy’s Serie A. Lopez refused to greet Icardi more than once and there are rumors that the Italian mafia offered the first to “take charge” of the second.

Ryan Giggs: Is it all in the family?
Ryan Giggs is one of the biggest football stars in Wales. He played all his life in the powerful Manchester United of the 90s and 2000s, until his retirement in 2014.

After that, he took charge of the Welsh national team, which he had to resign in 2021, after the various scandals that pursued him.

In the middle of a trial, accused of physically assaulting his partner Kate Greville, he confessed that he was unfaithful to his ex-wife, none other than his brother’s wife, that is, his sister-in-law.

It is said that this deception ended when the woman involved learned that Giggs also tried to seduce his mother, that is, the brother’s mother-in-law.


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