Adesanya vs Cannonier: Summary of all the results of the UFC 267 fight.

RESULT | Adesanya says he’s at ease with the win and promises to ‘freeze’ Pereira, who won in an emphatic fashion in the main event.

RESULT | Unanimous decision victory for Israel Adesanya, who retains the middleweight title.

Round 5 | The champion goes on the attack and neglects an entrance and finally connects Cannonier taking him to the clinch. Adesanya breaks the siege with a kick. THE BATTLE IS OVER WE GO TO THE CARDS!

Round 5 | THE FINAL ROUND BEGINS! Cannonier goes to the front and drops a volley, Adesanya drops low kicks and japs to the face. Cannonier only has 65 punches, Adesanya drops an elbow and then a kick. Cannonier goes to the clinch for a takedown attempt.

Round 4 | Cannonier presses against the mesh but does no damage and Adesanya gets out of the clinch. The crowd is already desperate from the lack of show. Adesanya’s displacement is perfect and he just comes in to do damage and again puts distance. There is clinch again, but without making it effective WE GO TO THE FIFTH AND FINAL!

Round 4 | Adesanya insists with japs and front kicks without much show, but with clear punishment on Cannonier. Israel Adesanya’s right-hand flip and then Cannonier goes forward but the champion’s speed doesn’t allow him to do any damage.

Round 3 | Despite having the clinch, Cannonier does no damage and Adesanya takes the pressure off with a kick to the face. We go to round 4.

Round 3 | Cannonier finally gets the clinch and attempts a takedown by locking Adesanya against the mesh, but the champion takes the pressure off perfectly and lands a 1-2. The champion gives a lesson in octagon dominance. Again Cannonier goes to the clinch and tries with hooks and knees to the body of Adesanya.

Round 3 | Adesanya insists on kicks to the face and then a combination. Cannonier needs to close the distance to look to do damage, which he has not done so far. Very comfortable for the champion who keeps Jared at bay.

Round 2 | CAUTION! Adesanya connects with a jap to the face but the fight is stopped by an eye poke on Cannonier. You can continue without a problem. Adesanya goes with a 1-2 low kick to the face and feints it but can’t connect properly. The round ends.

Round 2 | Jared goes with a roundhouse kick to the right leg and manages to push him back. Adesanya follows with feints and the crowd starts to despair at the lack of action. Cannonier comes forward with a left overhand left.

Round 2 | Cannonier keeps his distance while Adesanya drops high kicks and japs. The champion starts to come in with good body shots, but not risking much.

Round 1 | Cannonier keeps his distance and only drops low kicks to do damage and prevent Adesanya from connecting. The two continue with the distance without risking much in the first round. The champion tries with a spinning kick that doesn’t connect and then with two japs to the face. THE FIRST ROUND IS OVER!

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Adesanya starts with front kicks, Cannonier goes with roundhouse kicks to the front leg of the champion. Adesanya goes with a jab and kicks to the face.

Adesanya vs Cannonier: Summary and video of all the results of the UFC 267 fight.

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Preview: WOOOOW! Adesanya enters in the style of WWE legend The Undertaker. With an urn in his hands and accompanied by the music called Rest In Peace.

Previa | Both fighters step into the octagon for the main event fight

Previa | EVERYTHING IS READY FOR THE STELLAR FIGHT! Adesanya will expose his middleweight title against a tough Jared Cannonier. READY?

UFC 276 LIVE | Alexander Volkanovsi vs Max Holloway | Featherweight Title Fight | UNANIMOUS DECISION WINNER FOR VOLKANOVSKI


Result | Unanimous decision victory for Alexander Volkanovski who retains the featherweight title. Judges’ scorecards 50-45, 50-45, 50-45. Volkanovski says he wants to move up a division and wants to be a double champion.

Round 5 | THE BATTLE IS OVER! Brutal fight of Volkanovski ends completely with Max and without any damage. This will be an absolute victory. WE GO TO THE CARDS!

Round 5 | The champion takes the battle against the mesh. Volkanovski breaks the clinch with a 1-2. Max throws very little with japs and kicks that do no damage. Alexander goes to the front and does not stop punishing and even seeks to finish with a volley to the face, but Max is able to defend.

Round 5 | WE GO TO THE FINAL ROUND! Max does not give up and goes for the whip with kicks, while Volkanovski goes with a kick to the face and 1-2 combinations do not allow any damage. Tremendous dominance.

Round 4 | Max goes to the front with kicks but continues to take a lot of punishment to the face. Holloway tried the takedown from behind, but the champion defends and takes the pressure off. Alexander continues to punish with japs to the face and 1-2 that volleys the face of Holloway WHAT ANGER FROM MAX!

Round 4 | Volkanovski whips Max into the mesh with a brutal combination. Max responds with a roundhouse kick and a flying right hand.

Round 3 | Volkanovski is taking his fight perfectly. He gets the distance and every time Max comes in he unleashes a combination to the face. Terrible blood falling on Holloway’s face.

Round 3 | Despite the bleeding Max goes forward with kicks and a hook, then Volkanovski moves around the octagon and receives him with a brutal 1-2 to the face. Hard punishment with a hook and an uppercut from the champion, while Max doesn’t back down and looks for the body shot. The fight goes to the clinch with Volka locking Max against the mesh, the tie-up is broken and the champion drops an elbow.

Round 2 | Brutal front kick from Alexander that hurts Max who can’t do any more damage. ROUND 2 FINISHES THE ROUND! Max is treated for a terrible face bleed to the eyebrow and nose.

Round 2 | Volkanosvki doesn’t hold back and continues with punishments to the face and already makes Max bleed. Holloway looks for kicks to the face but doesn’t connect right. Good combination of Volka that makes more damage to Max in the face and body.

Round 2 | Holloway is going strong, but Volka answers every time he comes in and connects with a right jab. The champion is trying to connect with crosses at the time of Max’s attack. Holloway goes with japs, but Volkanosvki gets the clinch to look for the takedown.

Round 1 | Max connects again but Max responds and drives the champ back and connects with a spinning back elbow. THE ROUND IS OVER!

Round 1 | Alexander grabs Max coming in and connects, Max insists with low kicks looking for the front leg. Volka cuts back with an elbow and knee, but Max breaks the clinch and continues to put his distance.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Holloway starts with kicks to the face and front kicks, while Volkanovski keeps his distance and with low kicks and defends Holloway’s entrance. Volka goes for a 1-2 and connects, Max responds with a jap to the face.

Preview | The T-Mobile expounds with the presentation of both fighters.

Preview | Holloway is coming off two important wins over Calvin Kattar and Yair Rodriguez via decision and this will be his last chance for the crown.

Preview | In the first two fights Volkanosvki won, first by unanimous decision and then the second was defined by split decision that raised controversy because many believed that Holloway deserved the title.

Preview | All set for the night’s co-main event. The UFC featherweight title is on the line as Volkanovski looks to extend his winning streak and trilogy reign against Holloway.

UFC 276 live | Sean Strickland vs Alex Pereira | Middleweight bout | WINNER BY TKO PEREIRA



Round 1: NO WAY! THE FIGHT IS OVER. Brutal knockout of Pereira to Strickland that sends him to sleep with a cross to the face. First, he punished him with a hook and released the blow to the jaw that sent him to the canvas. Tremendous victory.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Strickland comes forward with japs and front kicks. Pereira doesn’t hang back and lands a low kick.

Preview | We move on to a battle at middleweight. Strickland comes in on a six-fight win streak and is looking to keep climbing as he takes on Pereira.

UFC 276 live | Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena | Welterweight bout | WINNER BY TKO BARBERENA

Round 2 | BARBERENA! Bryan makes a spectacular comeback and finishes Lawler with an elbow to the face and then several punches that end up knocking him out.

Round 2 | SPECTACULAR! Tremendous exchange of punches, Barberan goes to the front and punishes the face with 1-2 and elbows against Lawler and knocks him out! NO WAY HE’S COMING BACK!

Round 2 | Barberena tries to press, but Lawler waits for him and hooks him again as he comes in. Bryan connects with a punishing left hand that punishes him.

Round 2 | BRUTAL! Lawler does a brutal job with over 100 punches. Lawler connects again with a jap to the face that knocks Barberena backward. Bryan tries to respond with right flies and front kicks, but he already looks touched.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Lawler goes on the attack with a brutal combination to the face, but Barberena responds with a jap and a left roundhouse. Lawler does not lower the ratio and corners his rival to damage right to the face.

Previous | Let’s go with the second fight of the stellar. Living legend Robbie Lawler extended his shelf life in September of last year by picking up his first win since July. While Bryan Barberena (17-8) has received a dream matchup. He has an 8-6 record in the UFC, but has had some exciting fights and is looking to steal the show. A fight of two knockouts.

UFC 276 live | Pedro Munhoz vs Sean O’Malley | Bantamweight bout | NO DECISION DECLARES NO DECISION

RESULT | NO WAY! The fight is over because Munhoz can’t continue after not being able to see. He received an eye poke. The fight is declared null and void or no-decision. A pity because Munhoz was dominating.

Round 2 | Sean now presses and again the fight is stopped now for an eye poke on Munhoz. Pedro is checked and it looks like he can’t see, the fight could be stopped.

Round 1 | Munhoz punishes with low kicks and is already starting to do damage to O’Malley’s lower body. The crowd despairs at the lack of offense. Sean connects with a reversible kick but it doesn’t do much damage as the round ends.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Munhoz waits for O’Malley’s attack with low kicks, while Sean starts throwing flies wanting to hurt the face. The fight is paused by a low kick on Pedro but can continue without a problem.

Preview | O’Malley has stolen the hearts of the fans with two ‘Performance of the Night’ in his first four UFC victories. But in 2020 he suffered his big loss to Marlon Vera. The Ecuadorian disabled his leg, resulting in the TKO that inflicted O’Malley’s first loss. But after that loss, he has added wins over Thomas Almeida, Kris Moutinho, and Raulin Paiva in 2021.

Preview: The first of the night comes with a showman. Sean O’Malley will look to take the bantamweight win over Munhoz. Pedro Munhoz has lost four of his last five fights, including two last year to Jose Aldo and Dominick Cruz, but has put on great fights that have won him fans.

Preview | While in the main event, Adesanya takes on Cannonier, who is looking to end one of the UFC’s greatest reigns. So stay tuned for more great fights.

Preview: Everything is ready for the start of the stellar card where two UFC championships will be at stake. In the co-main event, Volkanovski is looking to extend his winning streak and end the trilogy against Holloway.

UFC 276 preliminary card fight results and fight videos


UFC 276 Live | Brad Riddell vs Jalin Turner | Lightweight Bout VICTORY BY SUBMISSION TURNER

Round 1 | IT’S OVER! SPECTACULAR! We didn’t even have time to start the fight. Turner gave no truce, went on the attack connected a blow to the face on Riddell, and then submitted him with a guillotine.

Preview | We go with the stellar fight of the prelims. Riddell takes on Turner as he looks to move up in the division and promises to put on a great show by way of knockout.

UFC 276 Live | Jim Miller vs Donald Cerrone | Welterweight Bout | WINNER BY SUBMISSION MILLER

Result | Miller wins by submission and becomes the fighter with the most wins. COWBOY ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT! Cowboy says goodbye after a long career that began in 2008. “Thank you Las Vegas!”

Round 2 | IT’S OVER! Miller submits Cerrone with a guillotine to submit Cowboy.

Round 2 | Cerrone goes with a front kick, while Miller keeps the distance looking for a flying right hand. Miller also uses the low kick, Cowboy goes for the front kick. MILLER HAS THE SPLASH! A mistake by Cerrone that gives up the leg and leads to the submission.

Round 1 | Cowboy reverses the position and now he’s on top of the guard and attempts punishment for the submission. Miller defends with a high guard, in the face of Cerrone’s bar attempt. Miller turns around and looks for an armbar, but Cerrone reverses with a footlocker. ROUND END!

Round 1: COMBAT BEGINS! Cowboy comes hard forward with punches to the face. Miller gets the takedown with a left and attempts the armbar on Cowboy.

Preview | An octagon historian returns and Donald Cerrone will face Jim Miller after a cancellation from Cowboy’s opponent.

UFC 276 Live | Ian Garry vs Gabe Green | Welterweight bout | GARRY WINS BY UNANIMOUS DECISION

Result | Winner by 30-27 and a unanimous decision is Garry who keeps his undefeated record.

Round 3 | Front and roundhouse kicks by Garry to keep Green at a distance. Garry tries a flying kick, but Green avoids it with a good defense. THE FIGHT IS OVER! We go to the cards.

Round 3 | BRUTAL! Green goes on the attack with a 1-2 but Garry meets him with a brutal punch that takes him to the canvas. Garry wanted to finish him, but Green counters and gets back into the fight on his feet. Green does the back takedown for a takedown.

Round 2 | Garry goes on the attack with a brutal punch to the face and a 1-2. Green resists and goes forward to punish the face but looks for the clinch again. Green finishes the round with a volley to the face that connects perfectly. WE’RE NOT GOING TO THE LAST EPISODE!

Round 2 | HE’S GOT IT! Garry takes him to the canvas and tries to punish him, but Green reverses the position to look for a takedown. Brutal defense from Gabe as Ian hangs on to avoid a knee to the face.

Round 1 | Green lands a jab to the chest and Garry drives him back with a hard punch to the face. The power exchange between the two with a 1-2 and Garry punishes with a flying right hand. Garry goes on the attack right to the face and hurts him but can’t finish him. Let’s go to round 2.

Round 1 | Round 1 starts the round with Green dropping low kicks, but Garry responds with a front kick and punishes the face. Garry looks to keep the distance as Green connects with low kicks.

Preview | Let’s go for another big power fight. Ian Garry comes in with great support from his fans and in his third UFC appearance wants to look for the win as he did in his debut against Jordan Williams and Darian Weeks. Green had a tough debut with a loss to Daniel Rodriguez in 2020 but then was able to overcome Philip Rowe and is coming off another win over Yohan Laziness.

UFC 276 Live | Brad Tavares vs Dricus Du Plessis | Bantamweight BATTLE VICTORY BY DECISION DRICUS

Result | Victory goes to Dricus by unanimous decision BY CARDS 29-28

Round 3 | BRUTAL FIGHT! We go to the decision despite the great punishment that both received. Dricus finishes better although Tavares held on until the end.

Round 3 | Dricus does not lower the intensity, he takes a 1-2 and then a kick that Taveres manages to block. Du Plessis comes back with a straight right to the face despite being tired, Tavares withstands the pressure and with the nose finished, gets another direct hit face. BRUTAL! Dricus connects again with a but doesn’t finish.

Round 3 | NO FOUNDATION! Both give a good exchange of blows. Tavares looks for the low kick and Dricus punishes with a hook. Head kick from Brad, but Du Plessis comes forward with a left overhand left. NOBODY GIVES UP!

Round 2 | TREMENDOUS! Dricus closes with brutal punishment to the face and a knee to the face right on the horn. WHAT A FIGHT!

Round 2 | Tavares responds to the tiredness of du Plessis. Brad looks for a front kick and a 1-2 between the two that almost ends in a clash of heads. Dricus goes with a front kick and a knee but doesn’t connect in a good way.

Round 2 | BRUTAL! Du Plessis goes hard for the knockout with a very good combination and pushes Brad back, who is already bleeding from the face. With another reverse jab, Tavarez fights back with low kicks, but Dricus is on fire!

Round 1 | Du Plessis manages to take the pressure off and gets the fight back to the feet. A hard jab from Tavarez and he tries for a takedown, but Dricus goes to the clinch with a single leg. Dricus connects with a reverse jab and Tavares responds with a front kick. Round ends

Preview | We go to the preliminary fights of UFC 276. A middleweight bout between two giants.

UFC 276 live | UFC 276 live | UFC 276 live | UFC 276 live | UFC 276 live | First Prelims Results

UFC 276 live | Uriah Hall vs Andre Muniz | Middleweight bout | UNANIMOUS DECISION WINNER MUNIZ

Result | Unanimous decision win for Andre Muniz by a 30-27 decision from all three judges.

Round 3 | Muniz looks like he doesn’t want to close the fight and takes his time looking for the arm bar. Hall has managed to defend with the two-on-one. Hall reverses the position but doesn’t get anywhere. THE FIGHT IS OVER! WE GO TO THE CARDS.

Round 3 | WE GO TO THE FINAL ROUND! Muniz goes for the takedown, but Hall holds the position. He gets the takedown against a pretty tired Hall. Muniz keeps trying for the choke and then with a neck lock. Hall defends the back position and doesn’t allow punishment to the face, but it looks hard for him to win.

Round 2 | HE’S GOT IT! Muniz switches and goes for the arm bar and Hall manages to get out of the way to punish him to the face before the round ends. Muniz is close to finishing.

Round 2 | Hall responds with a spinning back kick, then Muniz counters with two flying lefts. Muniz insists on the takedown with the single leg and gets the takedown. Let’s see if he looks for the side stance again for the submission. Both fighters look tired. Muniz wants to lock in the choke.

Round 1 | Muniz gets back to the canvas and looks for the armbar to end the fight. Round ends.

Round 1 | Muniz looks for a position on the canvas to be able to submit Hall, first, he punishes him flush with the forearm. Hall responds well with defense. Muniz looks for the kimura headlock. HE TAKES IT OFF! Hall responds well but again goes to the canvas.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! The fight begins with both taking care of the distances, a few punches, and many studies between the two. Exchange of punches to the face. Hall releases a spinning kick and Muniz responds with a 1-2 and finally knocks him down.

Preview | For his part, Andre Muniz comes with a brutal streak of eight consecutive victories, in addition to 15 wins by submission in his career. His most recent win came against Eryk Anders by submission. A true jiu-jitsu star.

Round 1 | BATTLE BEGINS! Du Plessis goes straight with a combination and Tavares meets him with a right hook that bends him over. Dricus looks for the takedown, but Tavares gains position and manages to take him to the canvas.

Preview | Tavares comes in on a winning streak with a 19-6 record. His last fight was a split decision against Omari Akhmedov and now he is looking to extend his record to keep adding to his tally in the division. For his part, du Plessis finally returns to the octagon after four cancelled fights. Dricus has won his first two UFC fights since signing with the promotion in 2020.

Preview: The bantamweight bout brings us two great fighters. On the one hand, Uriah Hall who is trying to regain his confidence in the octagon after being finished in his last fight against Paulo Costa, has been able to add good results having one of the most famous against Chris Wiedman, which was due to a painful injury when his leg was broken in the middle of the fight. His last fight was in 2021 when he lost to Sean Strickland.


Result | WOOW!!! Jessica Eye announces her retirement from the octagon. At the conclusion of the fight, Eye told Rogan that it was an honor and that, although the result was not in her favor, it is time to step aside.

Result: Unanimous decision victory goes to Maycee Barber by scores of 29-28 x2, 30-27.

Round 3 | Eye goes for the takedown, goes for the single leg, but Barber stands up and avoids the takedown. Terrible forearm punishment and elbows to the face. THE FIGHT IS OVER!

Round 1: BATTLE BEGINS! Immediately Eye looks for the clinch to punish with elbows and knees to annul his rival. Barber resists and responds with knees to the body, but remains tied up in the mesh. Barber drops a brutal elbow to try to push her away.

Preview: NOW IT’S ON! All set for the second bout of the evening, remember that UFC respects the time of each fight so the time between each one will depend on whether it ends earlier than expected.

Preview | For her part, Barber wants to be one of the protagonists of the card again, after the painful loss in 2020 against Modafferi that led to an injury and then fell to Alexa Grasso. In 2021 and 2022 she won again but by decision against Miranda Maverick and Montana de la Rosa.

Preview: Let’s go with the second fight of the night in the women’s division. Jessica Eye is not going through her best moment after losing four of her last five victories, losing to Cynthia Calvillo (2020), Joanne Wood (2021), and Jennifer Maia (2021) in a row, so a victory this evening would be great for her to regain confidence in the octagon.

Round 3 | Eye gets the clinch against the mesh, but Barber responds and punishes her with a 1-2 and a roundhouse kick. Barber manages to connect another front kick and leaves his opponent very hurt in the face.

Round 3 | Barber wastes no time and starts with the front kick and then a spinning kick to punish Eye. Jessica wants to look for the clinch but the distance of Maycee’s japs and straights don’t allow her to get in.

Round 2 | Eye wants to look for the armlock, but can’t lock it in and punishes Barber very little who manages to hold her defense.

Round 2 | HE’S GOT IT! Eye gets the takedown to look for the submission, he tries to pass half guard to get the position. Barber defends trying to join.

Round 2 |Eye closes the distance again and takes Barber against the mesh to look for the takedown. Maycee doesn’t seem to be having trouble with the clinch as he insists on the forearm and knees.

Round 1 | Barber insists with right elbow to Eye’s face to control the distance. The eye goes against the mesh and looks for punishment for the body. Maycee manages to hurt his face and his eye is already swollen.

Jessica-Rose Clark vs Julija Stoliarenko | Bantamweight Match | WINNER BY STOLIARENKO SUBMISSION WAY

Result | Storialenko ends his bad streak and with a brutal armbar finished off Clark, it looks like he dislocated his elbow.

Round 1 | The fight starts off explosively. They give out some TREMENDOUS combinations! Without giving him time Stoliarenko went for the takedown, changed the guard, and gets the submission with the arm bar. HE BROKE HIS ARM!

Preview | Clark is coming off a submission loss to Stephanie Egger, so she’ll be looking to get back to winning ways to put herself in the division conversation. While Stoliarenko is going through a rough patch in the promotion, as she hasn’t been able to pick up a win since signing so another loss could keep her out of the UFC.

Preview: Let’s go to the first fight of the night! The bantamweight bout will feature a great rivalry between Clark and Stoliarenko.

17:34 hours | Alexander Volkanovski’s incredible numbers.

Alexander Volkanovski has 21 consecutive victories in the UFC and hasn’t lost since 2013. His 11-fight UFC win streak is the second-longest active win streak behind welterweight champion Kamaru Usman’s 15 in a row.

5:28 p.m. – UFC 276 Best Betting Odds and Odds

The betting odds for tonight are as follows:

Cannonier +370

Adesanya -490

Volkanovsky -210

Holloway +1750

17:17 pm: Joe Burrow and the Bengals present at T-Mobile

The show will be star-studded and among them are Bengals NFL players Joe Burrow, Jessie Bates and Chidobe Awuzie.

5:15 p.m. – Max Holloway’s Last Chance

Max Holloway could be getting his last shot at the top of the division. With two consecutive wins over Calvin Kattar and Yair Rodriguez by decision, the challenger wants to make it clear that he should have won the rest of the other fights against Volkanovski and settle the rivalry once and for all.

17:12 hours: Volkanovski seeks respect from the UFC

One of the most anticipated fights is the trilogy between Alexander Volkanovski against Max Holloway, where the champion, who is ranked No. 2 pound-for-pound in the UFC, wants to make it clear that his reign is fair and more when criticism has arisen before his two victories over Holloway.

In 2019 he managed to win the crown with a unanimous decision, while in 2020 his win against Holloway came by split decision. He is coming off two clear wins over Brian Ortega and a knockout over Korean Zombie, which opened the door for the expected trilogy.

5:05 p.m. – Cannonier for the desired win

Cannonier, who is coming off two wins over Gastelum and Brunson, is a seven-year UFC veteran who has switched divisions several times. He previously fought at heavyweight and light heavyweight before a renewed dedication to training and fitness allowed him to find his groove at middleweight.

He has a 15-5 record and his last win at UFC 271 over Brunson was via knockout.

5:00 PM: Adesanya looks to extend his UFC dominance

Israel Adesanya is ready to face one more challenge in his middleweight reign. The champion will be looking to defend his undefeated streak and his title after his loss to Jan Blachowicz in the light heavyweight division when he tried to become a two-division champion.

He faces a very complicated fighter and will have to look for a knockout victory if he does not want to suffer on the scorecards since three of his last four victories have been by decision.

16:49 PM – Where to watch UFC 276 live online?

In Mexico the broadcast will be on Fox Sports and Fox Premium, in Latin America on Star+, in the United States, it will be PPV on ESPN+ and in Spain on Eurosport.

16:44 hours: UFC fight schedules in Mexico, the United States, Argentina, and Colombia

Before this afternoon’s card kicks off, we remind you of the schedules for Mexico and Latin America. Preliminary fights will start at 8pm ET / 7pm Mexico and Colombia / 9pm Argentina / 2am Spain, while the main rounds will start at 10pm ET / 9pm Mexico and Colombia / 11pm Argentina / 4am Spain.

HELLO, HELLO! Welcome to the minute-by-minute coverage of UFC 276. One of the most anticipated events of the year arrives in Las Vegas, where two of the promotion’s championships will be in contention. In the main event, Israel Adesanya looks to defend his middleweight belt and extend his undefeated streak of 11 consecutive wins. He now takes on Jared Cannonier, who is looking to end one of the longest reigns. In the co-main event, Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway will face each other for the famous trilogy, in which the champion has won twice, albeit with controversial decisions. So do not move from your places because in MARCA Claro we will bring you all the details of UFC 276.

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