After the NFL Draft, what about unselected players

The Draft is the process of recruiting youth to reinforce the teams of the NFL, each of the 32 teams that make it up have a turn in each round to choose the most outstanding players of the collegiate leagues.

The order in which they can choose is given based on the performance of each team in the past season.

Every year hundreds of young college football players dream of the possibility of playing in the NFL, but there are only a few who have the opportunity, which began when they were selected in the NFL Draft.

There are seven rounds in which 256 players are named to be part of any of the 32 NFL teams, however, ending the three-day period, and concluding the Draft, players who were not selected by any franchise are considered free agents, being able to sign for any team.

Sometimes they end up on a list of prospects, as a plan B, hoping to earn a spot on the final roster of 53 players, or on the practice squad, waiting to be required to fulfill some absence.

Something that happened, for example, with Adam Thielen, the outstanding receiver of the season with the Minnesota Vikings, because he went unnoticed in the 2013 Draft.

Great players who were not chosen in Draft

While recruiters are professionals with years of experience and an excellent eye for new talent, sometimes they have not been able to see the potential in some players, going unnoticed during the Draft but becoming legends years later.

Kurt Warner and Carren Moon are two of the best examples, as both are already in the hall of fame, another example is defensive tackle John Randle, as well as Dick ‘Night Train’ Lane.

Today is the last day of the Draft, the last opportunity for teams to get the best picks and strengthen their roster for the next season

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