An English team was bought by Tom Brady!

Seven-time Super Bowl champion and NFL legend Tom Brady has announced he has bought a stake in English EFL Championship club Birmingham City.

Brady has become the chairman of a new advisory bo ard that works directly with the club’s senior leaders in a bid to bring the Blues back to the Premier League.

The American, who also turns 46 today, considered the best American football player of all time after his long career mainly as quarterback of the New England Patriots, admits that he has a lot to learn about football, but will lead the project for the club to return to the top category.

A statement on Birmingham City’s website explains Brady’s new role.

“As Chair of the Advisory Board, Brady will apply his extensive experience and leadership knowledge across various components of the Club, including working alongside the sports science department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness and recovery systems and programs.”

“In addition, Brady will work closely with the Board and management team on global marketing efforts and identifying new business partnership opportunities for the Club.”

Brady on his new role at Birmingham City
He took to Twitter to post: “Here we go! Part of the Blues family.”

Brady added in a video address: “So this is the deal. I am officially joining Birmingham City Football Club.”

“You might be wondering: what do you know about English football, Tom? Well, let’s just say I have a lot to learn. But I know a few things about winning. I think they could translate pretty well.”

“I know success starts with work done when the world isn’t watching. I know that a team is nothing without the city that shows up and backs it up. Most importantly, I know I like to be the underdog.”

“The road has been long for Birmingham, but these fans have never stopped believing. We have a song that says no matter what, keep going to the end of the road and I’ll be with you on that path.”

Birmingham City begins their new adventure with Brady against Swansea City on Saturday as the Championship season begins.

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