Bada Huesca resume the league at the demanding Granollers track

After the break for the national team window, Bada Huesca returned to the competition in a comfortable situation. With 20 points, far from any danger, they can afford the luxury of hope for the top places as long as they can string together a fortunate sequence of results. They have become a very reliable team at the Palacio de los Deportes, which they have combined with away defeats. In this sense, this Sunday’s visit to Granollers (19.30, La Liga +) appears as a challenge to break the dynamic and look at the upper middle zone without dissimulation.

José Francisco Nolasco’s team does not want to give up before they start, even though they have a big Asobal team and an old acquaintance in pivot Iván Montoya waiting for them. The Reds are “motivated”, in the words of the coach, who focuses on those who are playing fewer minutes. “We’ve been training very well for weeks because we know what we want and it’s working,” he said. Osadchyi, with ankle discomfort, will be able to play and Charly Pérez, who was injured again against Anaitasuna, and Gerard Carmona, in his last weeks of convalescence, are still absent. He will be back in three or four weeks.

This break has been good because “there are a lot of players who play in a lot of pain and grit their teeth. People can’t imagine how high the pain threshold is in this sport”. Bada has found room for recovery, which will be necessary for Granollers, who have been a tough nut to crack on their home court in recent seasons, winning 27-35 in the first round. “If you lower your level, no matter how little, they beat you. That’s experience, level… Our players who were references have gone there and that speaks of their potential”, explained Nolasco, who is sure that “we will do a great job” because “we want to look up”.

There is only one team “at the highest level”, FC Barcelona, and “we can go for the rest”. The keys are to “attack and defend based on what we have worked on”, without abandoning the plan and minimizing mistakes. Five minutes of disconnection at the Palacio caused Granollers to escape on the scoreboard for good and Nolasco does not want this pattern to be repeated. The Huesca players also rely on the solidity of the goal and defense, “on balance and not making mistakes”.

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