Baseball remains one of the most popular sports in the world

Most people in the world have attended a baseball game in person. Whether you liked it or not is what I’m going to discuss today. Baseball, also known as “America’s pastime,” remains more relevant and modern than ever. Baseball has been around since 1846 and is still full of excitement and happy fans who truly love the game. Although it’s a controversial topic and people say the game is boring and lasts forever, that’s really the beauty of the game. There was a time, hundreds of years ago when baseball was America and it was the only thing that mattered to everyone. Today there are new sports taking over, but baseball is still cool.

People say that nobody goes to MLB games anymore and that football or basketball has more followers, which is not true. In the MLB regular season, 73.2 billion people went to watch their favorite baseball team, while only 37.1 billion attended NFL games and a measly 21.9 million NBA games. The baseball fan base has been growing over the past 50 years. Baseball is also changing the rules to make the game more fun to watch with the addition of the designated hitter and pitching clock. This makes the match much shorter and allows you to see more action and less nothing. This is something that other sports don’t do.

Baseball is changing the game to make it better to watch while sports like the NFL and NBA continue to have rule flaws losing their fans. In “Is this game over” Mr. Mahler writes “Major league baseball is doing just fine, it has more exciting young stars than I can even remember” The sport has a very bright future with players like Ronald Acnua jr, Fernando Tatis jr, and Jazz Chisholm. Those players are changing the game from what it used to be. Their playing styles, the way they play on the pitch, and their attitude make it a lot of fun to watch them play.

Over the past seven years, the World Series has been the least watched in history. Culturally, the sport has fallen out of favor. Many years ago baseball was a big part of American culture, now it’s falling to the NFL. Aaron Judge’s home run last year brought baseball back to the forefront of the news, but that was one of the last times baseball was culturally relevant. So, even if this sport doesn’t thrive on information every morning, it’s still very relevant behind the scenes.

Overall, baseball is still a “cool” sport. He has a great future with his many young superstars who will see fans coming back to see him. Baseball is changing its old rules to make it even more interesting. The only reason people wonder if baseball is still relevant is because it doesn’t enjoy as much cultural recognition as other sports, such as football and basketball.


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