Borja Lambea and Miguel Ángel Díez will lead Reinosa Forgings & Castings as of January 2024.

The NFL Group, owner of Reynosa Forgings & Castings, today announced the replacement of Michel Tellier as CEO of the company, a position that will be filled by Borja Lambea, current commercial director, and Miguel Ángel Díez, industrial director, as of January 2024.

Both will be responsible for leading the company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large forgings, from next year, acquiring the status of CEOs and will develop complementary management under the supervision of the board of shareholders, the group said in a statement.

The ownership has completed the mission entrusted to Tellier to pilot the first phase of the transformation of the Reynosa plant, according to the roadmap planned by NFL when acquiring the company, and has pointed out that Reinosa Forgings & Castings “is on the way to continue being a world reference in sectors as demanding as the naval or energy installations”.

The company will also focus on sustainability as a differentiating element of its offer since its purpose is to become one of the main suppliers of sustainable steel solutions in the world.

In this sense, it has highlighted the innovation project Horizonte Europa Aid4greenest, endowed with 5 million euros, in which the plant in Campuria is part of an international consortium of companies and research centers whose objective is to develop methods and tools based on artificial intelligence that allow more sustainable management of steel production.

In the case of Reinosa, the work is aimed at minimizing energy consumption and waste production in the prototyping of new products.

Both Borja Lambea and Miguel Ángel Díez have been part of Tellier’s management committee, so “they are also responsible for the success with which the company has been able to overcome the recent problems related to the pandemic or the global energy crisis”.

Both of them have more than twenty years of experience working at the plant in different facets and from January they will be the main ones responsible for this new stage.

Díez will focus more “inwards” in the company, since his specialization is purely industrial and operations, while Lambea will be more “outwards” oriented, taking advantage of his knowledge in product, market, customers and business development.

NFL has shown its “full confidence” in the extensive experience of the two executives in the international market in which the company operates.

The two CEOs will continue to be supported and supervised by shareholders Bruce Liimatainnen, Benedikt Niemeyer and Jason Fowler, who continue to “bring strength” to the project through their experience in the international steel market and their network of financial and commercial contacts.


Lambea is an industrial engineer and has been responsible for marketing and sales for 7 years, but he is also trained in business administration and management, international business, and corporate finance. During his career, he has also worked in other areas such as research, quality, technology, logistics, and operations.

He is president of Fundigex, the Spanish association of foundry exporters; a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group and of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Defense Industry Cluster (CID) specializes in the steel industry; and president of the EUROFORGE Heavy Forging Group.

Díez is also an industrial engineer and has been trained in lean manufacturing, occupational risk prevention, and environmental management. He has extensive experience as a leader of multidisciplinary teams in complex processes of improvement and transformation, such as the one that Reinosa Forgings & Castings has undergone in the last three years.

For seven years he managed the Sidenor plant in Vitoria, and back in Reinosa he will be in charge of “projecting and evolving all the centenary knowledge of the plant towards the new global technological context”.

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