Conade settled its debt with the artistic swimming team, the lawyer confirmed

The National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (Conade) paid the total scholarships of the artistic swimming team that participates in the World Swimming Championships held in Fukuoka, Japan.

The organization headed by Ana Gabriela Guevara stopped giving support last January, however, the sirens filed a lawsuit to return the resources and a judge gave them the reason.

However, Conade only paid for the months of June and July and did not settle what was owed from January to May of this year. The eleventh District Judge in Administrative Matters of Mexico City, Agustín Tello Espíndola, gave her a period of 24 hours to settle the debt since, if she does not, she could be fined.

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It was until the third request that the government body heeded the authority and already made the corresponding deposit “First he had paid June, then he paid July. In the case of these partial payments we were dissatisfied and today made the payment from January to May. So, so far the sentences have been fulfilled, “said lawyer Luis Jimenez in an interview for This.

He pointed out that Judge Agustín Tello acted quickly so that payments were not delayed further and the young women could receive the support they earned based on positive results.

“I only see sports issues and I have amparo claims in all the courts of different administrative matters, in the different courts I have lawsuits. But this judge really understood very well the nature of the conflict and applied it in law perfectly.”

“It was quick because of the circumstances of the matter and the way in which the lawsuit was raised, but generally these amparo judge proceedings with this nature should have this dynamic.”

The litigant trusts that, from now on, the first days of each month the artistic swimming athletes receive the corresponding payment “We assume that after this the intention will be to cover them, but at the moment when, for example, August arrives and there is no deposit, we have to inform the judge to do the prevention again and request payment “, Sentenced.


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