Damar Hamlin’s first words after his cardiac arrest during an NFL game

The safety of the Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlin, continues to improve after the scare this past Tuesday when he had to be resuscitated up to two times when he suffered a cardiac arrest due to a blow to the height of the chest in the middle of the game. This Thursday the player woke up and was able to talk to his family and his teammates, and the first thing he wanted to know is who had won the duel against the Bengals, the Bills revealed on Thursday.

“You have won. You have won the game of life,” the doctors replied, who highlighted a “substantial improvement in his condition in the last 24 hours” that allowed him to communicate by writing and moving his hands and feet.

The latest update on his health status reveals that Hamlin was intubated on Thursday night and “continues to make remarkable progress.” In addition, his “neurological condition and function is intact.”

This absence of neurological sequelae is mainly due to the fact that the Bills’ medical team “responded immediately” and “did a fantastic job” by performing “immediate, good, high-quality CPR,” explains Dr. William Knight of the University of Cincinnati Hospital. In addition, “immediate access to defibrillation” was also critical.

The player has spoken this Friday through a video call with his teammates, who have turned with countless samples of support and affection towards him, and has told them that “I love you, guys”, the Buffalo Bills have shared through their social networks.

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