Deion Sanders Undergoes Procedure That Could Lead to Foot Amputation

Months ago, Deion Sanders showed a heartbreaking moment in which his big toe and second toe were amputated due to blood clots blocking blood flow. This issue has reportedly persisted as the PrimeTime trainer is in real danger of losing his entire foot if he continues with another procedure.

The news appeared in a video posted by the Thee Pregame Show YouTube channel reporting on the Buffaloes’ football show. In a meeting, Deion Sanders appears with several medical professionals including renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hunt. Also present at this meeting were vascular surgeons Dr. Donald Jacobs and Dr. Max Wohlauer of CU.

Just by looking at the doctors’ faces, you can tell that this situation has become extremely critical for Sanders as he reveals that he has no feeling in the sole of his foot. Coach Prime also explained that he lives with endless pain and is looking to straighten a toe that he feels is dislocated.

But the meeting quickly turns into a sad moment as doctors begin to explain how dire the situation is. In one explanation, Dr. Wohlauer tells Sanders that his ankle was only 66% of blood pressure compared to the rest of his body. You can tell Deion Sanders that he was expecting to hear something terrible from doctors.

Sanders at Risk of Total Amputation
Even though doctors tried to disappoint him easily, Deion Sanders didn’t seem to fully understand even though he already had two fewer toes on his foot due to the previous amputation. Jacobs quickly told him he was in danger of losing his entire foot, which left Deion Sanders completely shocked. Coach Prime has yet to decide on the procedure, as doctors look at different options besides straightening the toe. Knowing that he is at risk of amputation, this obvious danger will force Coach Prime to make a decision that may or may not change his quality of life forever.

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