Dont’a Hightower Announces Retirement from NFL at 33

The player Dont’a Hightower, of the New England Patriots, announced his retirement from the NFL at 33 years of age and said he was “totally at peace” knowing that he gave all his effort to his team, which at all times sheltered him and showed his support throughout his career.

Dont’a Hightower, who won three Super Bowl championships in his 9-year career, mentioned through an article that for nine seasons he gave everything to his team that supported him both on and off the field, so now he can calmly leave the franchise and say goodbye to all his friends who accompanied him on the court.

Today I officially retire from the NFL. I know these ads always feel bittersweet, but to think of a better story than I wrote in New England. A decade, three Super Bowls, two Pro Bowls and the birth of my son, all playing for a franchise. How many kids have a story like that?

Dont’a Hightower said he still remembers his first reaction when he got the call from the Patriots. “Heck, it looks cold up there… I think I managed to try a sleeveless game in my entire career as a Patriot, and it was a struggle.” He also took the time to reminisce about special moments with his friends.

Dont’a Hightower Trajectory
Dont’a Hightower played in 117 regular-season games. Of those, 114 were starters. Throughout his career, he totaled 569 tackles and 27 catches. In addition, he appeared in 17 playoff games. He was one of the most forceful linebackers in the NFL during his career, he spent it all in New England.

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