From Kaepernick to Harden: Brittany Renner revealed the list of prestigious NFL and NBA stars she slept with.

In an in-depth interview, Brittany Renner came out with the earplugs and revealed a list of prestigious NFL and NBA athletes she slept with. From Colin Kaepernick to James Harden

. And not only that, but he left details of some of their relationships.

Renner: Harsh Account of Repentance
The model was linked to several renowned athletes, especially from the NFL and the NBA. But now she herself told details about that.

The model has a son with PJ Washington, a forward of the Charlotte Hornets. She was later linked to Colin Kaepernick, James Harden, Ben Simmons, and Jamal Murray.

But Brittany regrets some decisions, especially because of how the back and forth with each person was conceived. “I know what it’s like to be desired by men. I don’t know what it’s like to be valued by one. When people ask me, why hasn’t it worked with anyone? Well, because I’ve never valued myself for a long time. And I don’t drink it anymore, I eat it, I sleep it, I it. I’m sitting with my shit,” she confessed on The Pregame Show podcast.

With his relationship with Washington as a trigger, he added very hard lines to a narrative that already was.

“The people I shared my body with, when I think about my list, it’s repulsive because they didn’t deserve it, but that was the result of discounting my value. And it’s disgusting. I hate even having that spiritual bond of any kind, but yes, it would absolutely change the way I move sexually,” she admitted painfully.

However, his testimony did not stop there. In the podcast ‘Can a hoe ever be a housewife?’, the model continued: “It doesn’t feel right to know that you have a sacred part of yourself to a man who looked at sex with you as if he was pissing.”

He concluded: “It’s not rewarding, it’s disgusting to think about, and I feel like I’ve been beaten every day by my decisions. And what people say about me online doesn’t compare to what I’ve said to myself on a daily basis. I’ve been called worse for better and better being me.”

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