Grupo Firme is Booed During Monday Night Football at Azteca Stadium

Today, November 21, the classic NFL Monday Night Football was held in Mexico, where the game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers was played. Grupo Firme was invited to the sporting event, where they played their popular songs, however, they were not well received by the public.

The northern group has been at the center of discussions within the entertainment industry, mainly due to their great appearance in the Zócalo of Mexico City, where they participated as part of the national festivities and where they packed the place, breaking attendance records. Just a couple of weeks ago they took the night at the gala of the radio awards, which rewards the best of regional music.

Although everything pointed to their participation being a success, as it had been months ago, during their presentation during the sporting event, Grupo Firme received a surprising rejection from the audience. The fans from the capital city who attended the soccer game booed the group from Tijuana, which did not stop playing despite the audience’s response.

Such booing increased when the singer addressed the audience shouting the typical “no se escucha México”; after the first song, part of the audience began to chant the song “ya superame”, however, the approval was short-lived. The booing was again present in the stadium.

In total there were three songs in ten minutes that Grupo Firme was able to perform. Then they were clearly dismissed, not by their fans, who booed them even when they were leaving the sports field.


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