How to Watch Cricket Without Cable: Live Streaming

Figuring out how to watch cricket without cable is a double challenge in the United States, because it’s not all that easy to watch cricket in North America even with cable. Add to that the difficulties of doing so without cable, and you have some hurdles to jump over.

Fortunately, things fall into place pretty quickly once we answer the most immediate question: What channels show live cricket? There are only a few channels and services that air cricket with any regularity in the United States, and once you nail down what you’re looking for, you’ll see that there are only a few major techniques to unlock those services. So let’s do that now! Let’s talk about how to watch cricket without cable.

You may occasionally find a cricket on other channels, but by far the best network for U.S.-based cricket fans is Willow TV. The network is dedicated entirely to cricket matches, and it has a deal with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to air big events. Willow TV airs a ton of cricket matches, news, and analysis.

The only other sports network that has cricket coverage is ESPN, which occasionally airs some cricket matches and related content on its family of networks. ESPN also makes some cricket available through its streaming service, ESPN Plus.

As of this writing, Sling TV offers two networks from Willow TV: Willow and Willow Extra. The branding is slightly different, but you can expect coverage similar to what you’d get from Willow TV via a cable subscription. The Willow Cricket package costs $10 a month for both channels.

Disney’s sports-specific streaming service does not offer a Livestream of the flagship ESPN channel, but it does offer livestreams of sporting events of all kinds. The stuff aired on ESPN Plus is generally less in demand than what airs on ESPN or ESPN2. ESPN Plus is not a reliable way to watch a ton of cricket, but you can sometimes catch matches and coverage here. The Bangladesh Tour of New Zealand is one recent cricket event that aired on ESPN Plus.

Willow TV

Willow TV is the best option for watching cricket in the United States — and if you didn’t know that, it means you didn’t read our introduction! It’s available through cable providers and at least one skinny bundle, but it’s also available on its own through its direct premium subscription service. Willow TV costs $9.99 per month if you’d prefer to pay that way, but its annual deal is even better. For $60, you can get a whole year of Willow TV’s cricket action.

Can I Watch Cricket on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

The high-quality, legal streaming services we recommend to watch cricket livestreams are available on a range of different streaming devices, and coverage for popular brands like Roku is extensive. Here are the devices you can use to watch cricket:


Roku Fire TV Apple TV Android TV Chromecast iOS Android Web browser
Sling TV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

ESPN Plus has pretty solid platform support as well. You can download the app for iOS and Android mobile devices, and it also works with Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast devices. ESPN Plus can play videos and live TV (including cricket live streams, of course!) in your browser too.

You can find Willow TV’s streaming service on its website (, in-app stores on iOS and Android mobile devices, and on plenty of streaming boxes, streaming sticks, and smart TVs, including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Google TV, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Watching Cricket Without Cable Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Cricket may not be as well covered as other sports — especially in the United States — but that doesn’t mean you have to live without it! With the information above, you can find a streaming service that shows cricket and make sure you’re always able to catch the latest match.

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