Juventus vs Sevilla LIVE: How to watch TV streaming online in EL?

The match Juventus vs Sevilla live and online, corresponding to the First Leg Semifinal of the Europa League. Schedule of the match Juventus vs Sevilla: 13:00 hours (CDMX).

Don’t take off from here to follow Juventus vs Sevilla live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups Juventus vs Sevilla live, as well as the latest information that emerges from the Juventus Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match with the minute by minute and live online.

What time is the Juventus vs Sevilla match corresponding to the Europa League Semifinal first leg?
This is the start time of the match Juventus vs Sevilla on May 11, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 15:00 hours

Bolivia: 15:00 hours

Brazil: 15:00 hours

Chile: 15:00 hours

Colombia: 13:00 hours

Ecuador: 13:00 hours

Spain: 15:00 hours

United States: 15:00 PT and 17:00 ET

Mexico: 13:00 hours

Paraguay: 15:00 hours

Peru: 14:00 hours

Uruguay: 16:00 hours

Venezuela: 16:00 hours

Japan: 14:00 hours

India: 14:00 hours

Nigeria: 13:00 hours

South Africa: 13:00 hours

Australia: 13:00 hours

United Kingdom ET: 13:00 hours

Seville Statements

José Luis Mendilibar spoke before facing Juventus: “I live it with a joy of milk. I am living a dream, but I am very calm. I don’t go crazy thinking about the opponent, but thinking about my players. what I have because the players have given me the opportunity to trust. We can beat any team and Juve too.” “I’m excited. I’m a newbie to this. I have to thank that those who are with me are not newbies. I’m calm because my players are experts. But I’m not going crazy. I’m calm ahead of tomorrow’s game.” “Keep quiet at all times, don’t go crazy.

It’s not going to be the same as in Manchester because it’s Juve, an Italian team. They have gone from the bottom up and are in a good moment. Knowing how to compete as they compete because they do it like all Italian teams.””Juve are winning in their last matches by the minimum. They take advantage of what they have. It’s the risk we can have, wanting to go too high. Or dominating at certain times and being caught without expecting it.

I expect an open game because they play at home and they will have to go for the win.” “More than the physical I would say it’s mental. At this stage of the season it is not easy to be well in the physical section. You arrive just right. It’s more the mental effort. Believing that you are better than the rival. Make players believe that they are only as good as the opponents in front of them.”

Juventus statements

Massimiliano Allegri spoke ahead of this match: “Sevilla have won the Europa League four times and the UEFA Cup twice. They are used to it, they have experience and they never leave the game, we will need to play a good game.” “We arrived very well, morally and professionally to face this final stretch. In this year we have developed a shell, we have come out stronger. Now we have four league games and a double semi-final. We must do what we have always said: give the best of ourselves. At the end of the season, we will understand if we have done our job.” “Tomorrow the whole group will be important, especially those who start from the bench. We need the attitude of the last matches, respecting the opponent and exploiting their weaknesses. We’ll have to be ready for both games.”

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