Kristin Elise, cheerleader who opened her OnlyFans and got fired

The world of sports has become a trend within the paid platform, since famous female drivers, Liga Mx fans, Olympic athletes and champions in different disciplines have joined; but this time we will talk about a young woman who rose to fame just before one of the most sporting events worldwide, it is Kristin Elise, NFL cheerleader who opened her OnlyFans and was fired.

There is a long list of female content creators, from volleyball, motorsports, boxing, tennis, martial arts, wrestling, surfing and more. Many of them have left their professional careers due to the high income they generate with their exclusive content, but some others like Kristin Elise were fired due to their OnlyFans account.

Who are Kristin Elise, the former NFL cheerleader, and OnlyFans star?
Kristin Elise is a 28-year-old Texan model a whose passion for sports led her to be a standout cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts, the United States professional soccer team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. But she was fired just hours before Super Bowl LVI in February 2022, after her uncensored OnlyFans content was leaked on a Reddit forum. Profile Link

Although Kristin Elise had had her OnlyFans account for over 5 years, when her content became public, the team’s management decided to remove her from the team for breaking the code of conduct. This, instead of affecting Elise, was a starting point for her fame, as her number of subscribers went on the rise.

Kristin Elise is a social media star, on Instagram alone she has over 150 thousand fans and thousands more who follow her on OnlyFans.

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