Lali Esposito’s eye-catching gesture with a well-known World Cup player

After her massive show at the Movistar Arena, with which she closed the Disciplina tour, Lali Espósito arrived in Qatar before the clash between Argentina and the Netherlands and since then she has not stopped. She recorded an episode of Por el Mundo, the show hosted by Marley on Telefe, was present at the Lusail stadium to suffer and enjoy the victory of the National Team by penalties and took the opportunity to walk around the main destinations of Qatar Doha.

But while she visited the desert, the beaches, the markets and the impressive amphibious car, the singer was also active on her social networks, where she has more than 11 million followers. For example, there she made a fiery defense of Lionel Messi after the questionable refereeing by the Spaniard Mateu Lahoz in the match against the Dutch. She also added three of the most outstanding players of the World Cup in Qatar to her list.

These days, the former Casi ángeles has added Brazilian star Neymar Jr, Antoine Griezmann, the star of France, and Yassine Bounou, Morocco’s goalkeeper known as Bono, the great revelation of the tournament, to her list of followers. And great was the surprise when a Twitter profile pointed out that the virtual follow with the goalkeeper was reciprocal.

“Lali started to follow Bono, the goalkeeper of the Moroccan National Team and he gave it back to her”, wrote a Brazilian fan account of the Argentinean, and a commotion was generated among the followers of the artist about a possible relationship with the soccer player. Some, more cautious, pointed out that the athlete is married and has a daughter; others, more daring, ventured a couple of crisis in the lack of photos with his wife, and most soccer fans took note of a particular detail of the Moroccan: his fanaticism for River Plate, the club of Lali’s love.

As is often the case in this competition, life stories transcend what happens on the field and Bono has a great one to tell. Born in Canada, he settled in his parents’ country at the age of 7, where he began his soccer career. And to add color to these cosmopolitan details, he spent a good part of his professional career in Spain and has many Argentine idioms in his Spanish. It is worth mentioning that he currently defends the goal of Sevilla, where he shares the team with Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Papu Gómez and Erik Lamela and is coached by Jorge Sampaoli.

The 31-year-old goalkeeper is a fan of the Núñez club and has a particular affection for Ariel Ortega, as he even named his dog after the Burrito. His fanaticism for El Millonario led him to travel to Japan to watch the team in the Club World Cup and in the last few days he received an autographed jersey of the player from Jujuy. “To Bono with love”, he wrote in black ink, and the goalkeeper’s response was not long in coming.

In an interview with the journalist Víctor Tujschinaider, the Moroccan expressed his desire to play at the Monumental and expressed his gratitude to the idol of his childhood. “Soon I’m going to see you in Argentina to take a picture with you. Thank you very much for the vibe and for everything, I love you very much”, said Bono, in just one of his signs of affection for our country. On the day of Diego Maradona’s death, he shared an image of Diez when he was playing for Sevilla, with the caption “Hasta Siempre” and his hands in the form of a prayer.

We will have to see if Bono keeps his promise and if the singer and the goalkeeper coincide on Argentine soil, to continue writing this story that for the moment is virtual. In the short term, they hope to meet on Sunday, one in the stands and the other on the green grass, in the great final of the World Cup.


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