Meet Juan Velarde, the young Moyobambino who is a promise of American football in the U.S.

Peru continues to be in the eyes of the world. This time, Juan Velarde (21) is a young Moyobambino who is being the sensation of college football in the United States (USA) and, thanks to his talent, is already considered a young promise in one of the most popular sports in the North American country.

And it is that the young native of Moyobamba, in San Martin, is the current official kicker of the team of the Central University of North Carolina, the Eagles. Product of effort and discipline, it has managed to become one of the most important bastions of those who were national university champions in 2022.

In that year, our compatriot played a key role in the team. His kicks had a record of at least 50 yards. That is, Juan Velarde’s shots could reach up to almost 46 meters on the playing field.

In Peru, he also played football
Juan Velarde has not lived all his life in the U.S. Our compatriot left for the country currently presided over by Joe Biden when he was just a teenager. However, while in Moyobamba, he also played soccer, but not American.

And it is that when he was a child, he went through several teams of Moyobambino football, where he began to develop his skill and power in hitting the ball. He even participated in the Champions Cup, where the best teams are found nationally.

To the U.S. looking for a better future
It should be said that the young promise of American football left for the USA when he was 14 years old. The reason for his departure was due to the dream of a better future, a decision that already pays off.

“I arrived at the age of 14 to seek a better future for myself and my brothers. The university gave me everything, gave me the scholarship, gave me the resources, the Faculty of Business was in the top 5% of the whole world, “he said in Latina.

Today, Juan Velarde is in the third year of his Business Administration degree. There, he not only obtains good sports results but also academics, as he is part of the honor roll of the university and gives talks to Spanish-speaking schoolchildren.

In this way, young Moyobambino Juan Velarde stands out in American football in the USA and dreams of reaching the popular NFL. Meanwhile, he will continue to work with his current team and prepare academically to achieve the goal for which he left Peru: a better future.


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