Miami Quarterback Tagovailoa after a duel with the Bengals in the Hospital

NFL quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was taken to the hospital with head and neck injuries.

The Miami Dolphins’ game creator was knocked down in Thursday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals and hit his head on the field. They treated him for minutes and then took him off the field on a stretcher.

The Dolphins announced that the 24-year-old was unable to continue the game due to “head and neck injuries.” “Tua Tagovailoa has been transferred to a local hospital for further evaluation. He is conscious and can move all his limbs.”

Bridgewater, Tagovailoa’s substitute, fails to avoid defeat
The images of the quarterback lying on the ground with his fingers cramped shocked not only his teammates. U.S. media reported immediately after the end of the game that Tagovailoa would be released from the hospital that night and travel to Miami with the team.

Teddy Bridgewater came in for Tagovailoa. He threw a touchdown before halftime, but couldn’t avoid the loss to the Bengals. It was the first loss of the season for the Dolphins after three wins. It was the second win in four games for the Bengals, who lost to the Los Angeles Rams in last season’s Super Bowl. Quarterback Joe Burrow rushed for 287 yards and threw two touchdown passes.

Tagovailoa looked ill in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. After an elbow, he also stretched his head back when serving. When he faced the Bills again, he looked very unstable on his feet, bent after the first few steps and was supported by his teammates. However, after an examination, he continued to play in the second half. After the match, there was talk of a back injury. This provoked criticism in the NFL environment.

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