NFL News Today: Lamar Jackson Receives Honor That Excites Ravens

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, has been named as a Tier 2 quarterback in the latest NFL standings.

This distinction, based on the votes of 50 league experts, including general managers, head coaches and coordinators, ranks Jackson seventh best in the NFL. However, this recognition has not come without some controversy.

A talent in constant evolution
Some league experts praise Jackson’s ability to win when he’s in top form, while others question his passer skills.

This duality of opinions reflects Jackson’s unique nature as a player. Although his ability to run with the ball is indisputable, his ability to throw accurate passes under pressure has come under scrutiny.

A New Start with Todd Monken
The Ravens’ recent acquisition of offensive coordinator Todd Monken has raised hopes that he can help Jackson improve as a quarterback.

Monken, who has extensive experience in the league, is known for his ability to develop and improve quarterback skills. With Jackson now in his fifth year in the NFL, Monken’s arrival could be the boost he needs to take his game to the next level.

A change of strategy
Some critics have argued that the Ravens’ offense has limited Jackson, comparing it to a college offense rather than a professional offense.

With Monken at the helm, the Ravens’ offense is expected to become more pass-friendly, which could allow Jackson to demonstrate his true potential as a passer.

A possible exchange on the horizon
In addition to coaching staff changes, the Ravens may also be considering roster changes. It has been suggested that the Ravens could trade wide receiver Devin Duvernay for defensive end Carlos “Boogie” Basham Jr. and a sixth-round pick.

This move could strengthen the Ravens’ defense, while also freeing up space for other receivers to shine on offense.

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