NFL Owners to Consider Proposals for Rules Change

The 17 proposals put forward by the Competition Committee and NFL teams for rule changes in the game will be discussed at the annual meeting of owners of the league that will start this Sunday and end next Wednesday.

NFL Vice President Troy Vincent explained that they still need more information to replicate the rule that applies in the XLF in which the kickoff lines up defensive players at the opponent’s 35-yard line, five yards from opponents, which causes the speeds at which they collide in the kick return are lower and therefore there are fewer injuries.

The XLF is a professional American football league in the United States alternative to the NFL that takes place during the spring.

“It might not be perfect and I think a lot of discussions is needed, but what we all agree on is that we can’t leave the play like we do now, not with the number of injuries we’ve seen,” Vincent said.

A perception shared by Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL Competition Committee, who said the league has evaluated several ideas to change the punt plays that currently have the most injuries and penalties.

The teams also scored some proposals for rule changes.

In the case of protection of the ‘quarterback’, Los Angeles Rams propose that coaches can, through replay, review, and if necessary even challenge penalties in cases of rough play on the quarterback.

The Detroit Lions propose that coaches be allowed to challenge sanctions for personal fouls, something that does not happen today. They also propose that head coaches be given a third challenge, in dubious moves, if they win one of the two they have today; As the rule is, the coach requires winning both challenges to get a third.

The Houston Texans raised their hands to request that officials be able to review failed fourth-chance attempts.

The proposal of the Philadelphia Eagles happens to allow the use of 0 as a jersey number to let kickers have the possibility to use it.

In total there are 17 proposals, eight from the Competition Committee and nine from the NFL teams, which will be evaluated at the Annual Meeting of Owners that begins this Sunday.

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