NFL Pro will Earn $230 MDD, but in Return Will Have to Play Fewer Video Games

Video games are a fantastic and immensely popular pastime. There are millions of gamers worldwide and some of them are professional athletes. Apparently, some professional teams prefer to prevent their prized players from forgetting their responsibilities because they are playing games. That’s why we see a case like that of an NFL quarterback who will earn $230 MDD thanks to a new contract in which he also committed to playing fewer video games.

What happens is that Kyler Murray, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals and one of the NFL’s great promises, signed a new contract with his team. It is a deal that ties him to the Arizona team for 5 more years in exchange for $230.5 MDD.

This is a figure that, without a doubt, many of us would like to have in our bank accounts. Of course, it is also important to note that this is money that he will receive for making some sacrifices. Not only will the young athlete have to train with the team, but he will have to spend 4 hours a week independently studying the material to prepare for his upcoming matches.

Thus, Murray will have to study “in good faith” and will not be able to allow himself distractions such as video games, watching television, or surfing the Internet. According to experts, this is the first time such a clause has appeared in an NFL contract.

“Player shall not receive any Independent Study credit for any period during which Player does not personally study the material provided in good faith.

As you can imagine, if this clause exists, it is because Kyler Murray is a fan of video games. In fact, he devotes a good portion of his time outside of training and games to this pastime.

A curious fact is that Murray’s performance usually drops at the end of the NFL season, dates in which Call of Duty, a franchise he loves, also tends to come out. While that doesn’t prove anything, it may be one of the reasons why the team’s owners are a little concerned about his habits during his free time.

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