NFL: Rams visited Mexico City with Vince Lombardi

The reigning NFL champions are looking to get closer to their Mexican fans.

“Whose house? Ram’s house” is the rallying cry of the Los Angeles Rams, the current NFL champions are present in the CDMX, on the occasion of their “Vince Lombardi Trophy Tour”, which seeks to have a greater approach with their fans and also to have more people join their followers.

This “Vince Lombardi Trophy Tour” brings with it the trophy won by the Bengals in the Super Bowl LVl, which was presented for the first time in Mexico City, and also brings very special guests for their loyal fans.

The event was held at the Centro Santa Fe plaza at 12:00 noon, the place was decorated with banners and mannequins dressed in the full uniform of the “Rams”, all accompanied by a host who did the honors of introducing the first guest, the legendary running back Steven Jackson.

NFL: Rams visited Mexico City with Vince Lombardi

Fans were given access and the first ones received a gift from the Rams team, a commemorative Super Bowl LVL towel, which they shook as Steven Jackson shouted “Whose House?”, and the fans answered “Rams house”.

Free photos and autographs of the legendary #39 were available, followed by a photo with the Vince Lombardi trophy and finally one with the Rams cheerleaders accompanied by the official mascot Rampage.

After an hour of attention to the first more than 200 fans, Jackson was dismissed, giving entrance to the current champion and Rams linebacker Justin Hollins, who kindly took pictures with all the fans and gave them an autographed card.

The next stop for the champions will be today at the Perisur shopping mall, where Steven will give autographs from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., followed by Hollins who will do so from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. and then travel to Guadalajara and perform the same dynamic on Wednesday 29th.

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