NFL team attributes its great success to playing GTA Online

NFL games have become the largest form of entertainment in the world in recent years and today it is common for hundreds of millions of players around the world to dedicate part of their time to gaming. At the same time, the online experience has driven video games but also interactions between users and just as the traditional thing is to live with the “Squad” this already transcends the sports foreground.

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There is no team more streaked in the NFL at this time than the Philadelphia Eagles and after the weekend their record is 10-1 being already one of the profiled to reach the Super Bowl. When a team is successful, questions always arise about what makes them succeed, the key to success and in this case, without anyone expecting it, it is about video games.

A report by The New York Times (via The Gamer) cited statements from Eagles players such as Gardener-Johnson, Darius Slay, Avonte Maddox, Haason Reddick, Shaun Bradley, and Jordan Mailata, who are in vogue behind the team’s incredible brand.

According to the players, its “secret sauce” is GTA Online, the online component of Grand Thet Auto that became a market monster over the years and continues to conquer millions of players. According to the professionals of this NFL team, playing GTA Online has served to unite and concentrate. One of them points out that he has been more discreet before the media and social networks because all he wants is to train, play his weekend game and go home to play video games.

On the other hand, another player of the Eagles ensures that the camaraderie and the union that has been formed in GTA Online have been a key piece for the team to be in tune and go out to give everything on the field according to the indications of the coaches.

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