NFL Week 15 Schedule: TV coverage, channels, scores for every football game today

The NFL is in the final stretch of the season, and some division and wild-card races are coming to the end.

The week began with a big showdown in the NFC West, with the 49ers playing the Seahawks in a game that could have set the course for the division for the rest of the season.

After that, NFL fans enjoyed a three-header Saturday on NFL Network, starting with Colts on the League. Vikings, followed by Ravens vs. Browns, and concluding with Dolphins vs. Bills.

Sunday the NFL will proceed normally, with the opening slate featuring another surprisingly significant matchup in Lions vs. Jets as those two teams try to get into their respective wildcard talks. In the last window, Bengals vs. Bengals The Buccaneers are the headliner as Tampa Bay tries to shake off an embarrassing loss to the 49ers last week. Sunday ends with Giants vs. Commanders in a battle for the No. 6 spot in the wild-card race, and finally, the Packers and Rams close out the week on “Monday Night Football” with the Packers fighting for their lives in the playoffs as well.

This week’s NFL schedule: Week 15 television coverage
Here’s the full schedule for Week 15 of the 2022 NFL season, plus final scores and how to watch each game live. (National broadcasts are listed in bold.)

Thursday, December 15

Game Start Time (ET) TV channel
49ers vs Seahawks 20:15 primer video


Saturday, December 17

Game Start Time (ET) TV channel
Colts vs. Vikings 13:00 NFL Network
Ravens vs Browns 4:30 pm NFL Network
Bills vs Dolphins 20:15 NFL Network


Sunday, December 18

Game Start Time (ET) TV channel
Eagles vs. bears 13:00 FOX
Lions vs Jets 13:00 CBS
Steelers vs Panthers 13:00 CBS
Chiefs vs Texans 13:00 CBS
Falcons vs Saints 13:00 FOX
Cowboys vs Jaguars 13:00 FOX
Cardinals vs Broncos 16:05 FOX
Patriots vs. Raiders 16:05 FOX
Titans vs. Chargers 16:25 CBS
Bengals vs. Buccaneers 16:25 CBS
Giants vs. commanders 20:20 NBC


Monday, December 19

Game Start Time (ET) TV channel
Rams vs. Packers 20:15 ESPN


How to Watch NFL Games in Week 15
This week it has had six (!) national broadcasts, although four of them have already passed. The 49ers and Seahawks started Thursday, followed by three games on Saturdays on NFL Network. On Sunday there will be Giants vs. Commanders in the “Sunday Night Football” space, followed by Rams vs. Packers on Monday Night Football.

The rest of the games will be in the 1 pm, 4:05 pm, and 4:25 pm ET windows on CBS and Fox. Check local listings to find out which games will be displayed in your area.

Spectators in Canada can watch every NFL game on DAZN.

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