NFL Week 7 Predictions: New York Giants to Look to Stay on Streak

Coach Enrique Zapata: Beyond being hurt by not predicting outcomes in games, it is gratifying to see the performance of teams considered as non-favorites that overcome any circumstance.

One of the aspects that have been recurrent in the course of the games is the role that the officers have had.

Many of us would consider their decision-making questionable and, on several occasions, it was noted that the appreciation was decisive. However, in this sport, you must maintain the right attitude to overcome adversity.

Pending the trends being what I consider, week 7 could be resolved like this:

Cardinals (2-4-0) vs. Santos (2-4-0)
Cardinals by -6 points. It will be time for the Cardinals to do something to demonstrate consistency in their execution. For Santos, it has also been a complicated period and with a lack of specificity in his offensive plan. There’s no big favorite, but the Cardinals could do something different.

Ravens (3-3-0) vs. Cafes (2-4-0)
Crows by +6 points. The defeat of Cuervos last week was somewhat surprising, but that does not detract from their skills and explosiveness. Those aspects will be the strongest weapons against Cafés which, apparently, has fewer alternatives with respect to its rival.

Panthers (1-5-0) vs. Buccaneers (3-3-0)
Buccaneers by +6 points. The Panthers have been an affected team in recent days and that has been seen in the poor performance they showed. Buccaneers will have a somewhat relaxed moment, maybe. However, your overconfidence can be dangerous.

Bengals (3-3-0) vs. Bengals Falcons (3-3-0)
Bengalis by -6 points. Burrow’s maturity (Bengals quarterback) is starting to show, although he hasn’t lost the instinct for risk and that’s what has allowed his team to show that he has the elements to face the Falcons he plays depending on unknown attitudes every week.

Cowboys (4-2-0) vs. Lions (1-4-0)
Jeans by +6 points. Vaqueros suffered a painful defeat that will only serve as an incentive to “get even” with Lions, which has not had such flattering results. It will be time for Rush (backup quarterback) to try to make his fans forget the mistakes made against the Eagles.

Jaguares (2-4-0) vs. Giants (5-1-0)

Giants by +6 points. There has been some fickleness in Gigantes, but he showed that he is a very dangerous opponent and nothing like what he was. In this game, Jaguares will face a team with rhythm and attitude that will make him have a difficult time.

Commanders (2-3-0) vs. Packers (3-3-0)
Packers by +6 points. Although the Commanders managed to emerge victorious last week, it will probably be in trouble against the Packers for the systems they use and the somewhat better level as a team and performance as a whole.

Titans (3-2-0) vs. Colts (3-2-1)
Titans by -6 points. The Titans break could be beneficial to rethink its system and strengthen what has worked for it. The lack of constancy of the Colts means that there is no certainty of his performance. “From a distance” Titans look more dangerous.

Raiders (1-4-0) vs. Texans (1-3-1)
Raiders by -6 points. It has not been possible to deduce the way in which the Raiders will play since the beginning of the season and that inconsistency is questionable. However, the potential he has can be exploited against Texans because his condition is not so dangerous. Everything will depend on the attitude of both teams.

Broncos (2-4-0) vs. Jets (4-2-0)
Jets by -6 points. Regrettable is the appreciation that the 2022 version of Broncos has in front of its fans. What puts the team in a worse situation is the rejection of the arrival of Russell Wilson (quarterback) to command the offense. On the part of the Jets, you can see the change in attitude, intensity, and desire to win.

49’s (3-3-0) vs. Chiefs (4-2-0)
Bosses by +6 points. The painful setback of the Chiefs will be enough incentive to make them react against a team that only occasionally looks imposing. Bosses can manage to numerically exceed 49s if he executes cleanly and avoids making mistakes as much as possible.

Chargers (4-2-0) vs. Seahawks (3-3-0)
Chargers for -6 points. Halcones Marinos has shown itself as a team without easy forecasting. Sometimes the speed with which his defense responds is surprising, but at others, he leaves much to be desired. Chargers has looked a bit better, which gives them the edge for this encounter.

Dolphins (3-3-0) vs. Steelers (2-4-0)
Steelers by -6 points. This is the time for Acereros to take advantage of the situation that Dolphins is experiencing. If he could surprise the Buccaneers who were favorites in the last game, for this game against Dolphins he has a lot to achieve.

Patriots (3-3-0) vs. Bears (2-4-0)
Patriots by +6 points. The bears were disappointed in last week’s game and showed the weaknesses that make them easy prey. This aspect will be exploitable to the maximum by Patriots who began to “raise their fists” a short time ago.

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