NFL Week 9 Teaser Betting

Week 9 of the NFL season is the first weekend to be played after the Trade Deadline and several teams now look very different. We’ve also reached the point in the season where the playoff runs are really heating up and that’s going to lead to some big games.

Betting on the NFL is still a great option, but sometimes you need to buy some extra points. In those situations, placing a teaser bet is a great option.

NFL 6-Point Teaser Bet for Week 9
Prediction for Panthers vs. Bengals
Best bet: Bengals -7.0 to -1.0

The Cincinnati Bengals were just eliminated on Monday Night Football and come into this game without wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. Cincinnati can’t protect quarterback Joe Burrow and is hurting the offense.

Carolina has apparently given up on the 2022 season, but the team has played well over the past two weeks. Cincinnati is going to win this game, but getting the extra six points is a must in this one.

Prediction for Raiders vs. Jaguars
Best bet: Raiders -1.0 to +5.0

A pair of 2-win teams meet in Jacksonville on Sunday and the visitors are the favorites in this game. Both teams have an offense that can score quickly and should generate a back-and-forth affair in this matchup.

Las Vegas is the best team, but playing away is never easy. Take the six points and bet on the Raiders to cover +5.0.

Colts vs. Patriots Prediction
Best bet: Patriots -5.5 to +0.5

The Patriots 4-4 host the Colts 3-4-1 and this game will feel like a must-to-win for every team. The Colts can’t seem to do anything right on offense, but the Patriots also have a quarterback mess.

Ultimately, this game will come down to one big play and playing at home will give the Patriots an edge. Take the six-point teaser and adjust the line to place this bet.

NFL 10-Point Teaser Bet for Week 9
Dolphins vs. Bears Prediction
Best bet: Bears +5.0 to +15.0

The Chicago Bears have thrown in the towel in the 2022 season as they have traded their top two defensive players. Chicago made a move to add some offense, but it won’t be enough to change the season.

Miami comes into this game with a 5-3 record and they are going for a big run in the playoffs this season. You can take the Bears to +15.0, but anything less than that is a pretty big bet.

Prediction for Bills vs. Jets
Best bet: Bills -13.0 to -3.0

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The AFC East rivals are in New York, while the Jets host the Buffalo Bills. The Bills may be the best overall team in the NFL this season, but they’re playing against a Jets team that’s been a big surprise.

Buffalo could easily cover the 13.0-point difference in this game, but getting an extra ten points makes it a much safer play.

Titans vs. Chiefs Prediction
Best bet: Chiefs -12.5 to -2.5

The Titans and Chiefs have a lot of recent history in the NFL Playoffs and that will make this game interesting. The Chiefs are a very difficult team to manage at home, but the Titans will simply try to mount Derrick Henry’s back.

Kansas City is going to win this game, but it will be close. Take the 10 points and look to the Chiefs to cover the 2.5-point spread.

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