NFL: Where to watch all Week 4 games LIVE on TV

This information is for grill lovers and here we will tell you where to watch the Week 4 NFL games live on TV in Mexico. The last day left several surprises and some clubs continue to reap victories, while others are already doubts about the Super Bowl despite having this campaign very young.

This week 3 looks with several attractive games, for example, the Green Bay Packers against tom Brady’s Buccaneers sounds to be one of the most watched, on the one hand, those of Aaron Rodgers come from gaining confidence after winning 27-10 against the Bears, while Tom Brady’s did their thing in Week 2 against the Saints with a score of 20-10.

Another game which will be televised on free-to-air television will be that of the Cardinals against the Rams, the Angels team opened this season with a beating against the Bills but recovered by the minimum against the Falcons with a score of 31-27, a similar case with those of Arizona who lost to the Chiefs in Week 1, but against the Raiders they knew the path of triumph and now they will look for the feat to stop Kansas City.

Where to watch NFL Week 4 games on TV?

The matches that can be enjoyed in Mexico this Sunday, September 25 are the following

12:00 pm-  Atlanta Falcons vs Cleveland Browns by Fox Sports

12:00 pm-  Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills by Fox Sports

12:00- Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders by Izzi

12:00 – Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks by Fox Sports

12:00- Houston Texans vs Los Angeles Chargers by Fox Sports and NFL Game Pass

12:00- Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans on channel 9 free-to-air television

12:00  New York Giants vs Chicago Bears on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

12:00  Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

12:00  Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jets on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

15:05  Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

15:25  Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncoson ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

15:25 Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

19:20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass

Monday, September 26, Cowboys vs Giants on ESPN, Star+ and NFL Game Pass.

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