Pride of Detroit 2024 NFL Community Mock Draft Registration

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, which YOU can be a part of and act as the NFL’s general manager.

Each year, we select the most active and well-behaved members from our Detroit Pride commentary section to represent the 32 teams in a collective—two-round drill.

Today is your chance to join the POD community drill, but sign up only if you’re available to be active and involved every day for the next five weeks.

Here’s how it works and what I need from all of you:


Erik Schlitt will represent the Detroit Lions. The other 31 teams are up for grabs.

No exchanges are allowed. I’m sorry. Everyone wants exchanges, but getting 32 people to coordinate on a single schedule is nearly impossible. Exchanges would slow this down considerably and threaten our chances of ending it.

On the sign-up sheet below, you will have the opportunity to select three teams from which you would like to be general manager.

General managers will be assigned based on three factors: their level of activity in the comments section, the age of their account, and the number of warnings/comments deleted from their records. This isn’t a race to sign up first or anything like that. Newer users will still be considered, but I want to make sure regular users of the site can participate.

If you have a first-round selection, you will be asked to provide a report of between 200 and 300 words. Sign up only if you’re comfortable doing this and have basic writing skills. No internet jargon or abbreviations. Remember, your article will be read by our normal audience. Get well, do your research, and please LOOK AT THE WORD COUNT. If you significantly exceed the word count, your submission will not be accepted.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Make sure you can stick to the schedule that will be released in the next few days. Check your email MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. You’ll be replaced if you can’t choose in time. We move pretty fast (three picks per day), so if you can’t keep up, don’t sign up. Here’s a look at last year’s calendar. We will be essentially the same.

Sign up to receive the mock draft POD at midnight on Monday, March 25 (Monday evening through Tuesday). The tasks and timeline will be released on Tuesday to those involved and posted on the site on Wednesday.

Again, I want to reiterate that you only sign up if you can stay updated multiple times a day. This draft will continue from the end of March until the days before the draft. If you’re going to be offline for several days during any time in April, I highly recommend NOT signing up this year. One person can delay the entire draft and ruin the entire experience.

How to register:

To sign up for POD Community Mock, fill out the Google form below. (If you don’t see it below, click here.) Follow the instructions on the form very carefully. Choose three teams you’d like to represent. Even if you don’t have any real preference, fill out the form all the way through.

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