Super Bowl 2023: Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs, live | Hurts leads the Eagles in the second quarter (21-14)

The LVII edition of the Super Bowl, the game that crowns the champion of the National Football League (NFL), the professional American football championship, faces this Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale (Arizona). The Eagles have scored their first touchdown on their first possession and have converted the extra shot, but the Chiefs have done the same and have tied (7-7). At the beginning of the second quarter, the Eagles have gone ahead with another touchdown after a great pass from Jalen Hurts and the subsequent conversion (14-7), but a loss of ball from Hurts has allowed the Chiefs to tie again (14-14).Hurts has made amends for his mistake with a great attack in which he has been the protagonist and has planted himself in the end zone, advancing his team (21-14). All eyes are on the two starting quarterbacks: Hurts, for the Eagles, and Patrick Mahomes, for the Chiefs. The latter has been crowned the best player of the season. In the year of Tom Brady’s retirement, Hurts and Mahomes, in their twenties, represent the generational change in the League. Both are also African-American, something that has never happened before.

Great reception from Devonta Smith

The Eagles put speed to try to extend the score before halftime. Hurts throws a long pass to Smith from 35 yards. The referees, however, state that the reception was incomplete. It’s third chance and one yard to go.

Mahomes’ Achilles heel

Edwards, Philadelphia’s defensive back, knocked Mahomes down. He attacked him where he knows it hurts the Kansas quarterback, who has had his ankle between cotton since he was hurt in the win over Jacksonville.

Trouble for Mahomes, who limps out

The Chiefs waste another offense and Pat Mahomes doesn’t find his game. He has limped off the pitch after another failed attack and a tackle. New turn for the Eagles with just over a minute left in the middle of the game. Rihanna prepares to act.

The cameras focus on the mother of one of those who will win the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be won by the son of Donna Kelce, who has been focused on television cameras. For the first time in NFL history, two brothers face off in the biggest game of the year: Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles tight end Jason Kelce. So there will be a son of his who will also lose it.

Mahomes looks for the tie for the Chiefs in a hurry (21-14)

The Chiefs don’t want to go into halftime trailing on the scoreboard, but they have less than three minutes to attack. Kansas City quarterback Pat Mahomes is accelerating. At the moment, and despite the fumble of this second quarter, Hurts is imposing himself and alternating his usual ground game with some other stratospheric pass.

The stadium sings “MVP”

The crowd at State Farms, where there is a significant Philadelphia crowd, shouts “MVP, MVP,” as Hurts is stunning.

Hurts, the protagonist of the second quarter for good and for bad

The quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen Hurts has been the absolute protagonist of the second quarter for good and for bad. As soon as he started, he gave a great touchdown pass when only 8 seconds of the 15 minutes had elapsed. On the next attack, a turnout allowed the Chiefs to tie. But he has made amends for his mistake with an attack in which he has starred in a great race first and then a shorter one with which he has planted himself in the end zone. Turn again for the Chiefs offense, who are 21-14 down.

Eagles touchdown. 14-21

Annotation of Hurts. Second of the night.

Hurts’ career

Hurts gets a first-and-ten with a 28-yard run. He is 57 yards this afternoon. He has the most in Philadelphia.

Hurts apela a la fantasía

Jalen Hurts, quarterback de los Eagles, ha probado en estos dos cuartos con pases largos, de esos que se ven en los minutos agónicos de los partidos: el primero lo acertó con A.J. Brown con el touchdown y el segundo con otro gran pase a la esquina. Hurts, de 24 años, está muy inspirado.

Hurts’ dangerous pass

Hurts tries another long pass to Brown. Almost intercepted. Will the 24-year-old star feel nervous?

The error that changes the script

The fumble, lost ball, of Jalen Hurts forces to modify the script. The teams had respected their styles during the first quarter. The quarterback loses the ball while trying to recover yards after a penalty. Now they have a new chance.

Invest in ‘crypto’?

If an alien had arrived in time to watch last year’s Super Bowl, he would have believed that the big business of the century was cryptocurrencies. In that broadcast, there were overdoses of advertisements of companies selling plots in the promised land of virtual money. Since the last final, we have seen giants of ‘bitcoin’, such as FTX, collapse, so there is, at the moment, no trace of announcements that invite virtual investment.

Fumble by Hurts. Score Kansas. 14-14

Hurts leaves the ball midway through and picks up Bolton for Kansas to score.

Great Hurts move

Hurts loses the protection of the bag, but demonstrates his ability to throw in the race. The Eagles gain nine yards. First chance.

New possession of Philadelphia

Let’s see how much that missed field goal by Kansas City weighs in the first quarter. Philadelphia is about to start a new possession at the 33-yard line.

Nick Jonas, Type 1

Musician Nick Jonas, former teen idol and brother in the Jonas Brothers, announces a gadget for diabetic patients. She doesn’t sing by hearsay: In 2005, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

The Chiefs, again in tow

Mahomes is not finding clear options now and the Chiefs have lost possession. They move the ball away from their turf. attack again the Eagles, who are ahead (14-7).

The second quarter begins; Philadelphia scores. 7-14

Second in the fourth, Philadelphia scored via Brown on a 45-yard pass from Hurt. The extra point comes in.

Offside in favor of Philadelphia

A Kansas defensive error gives Philadelphia first-and-ten, just as the Eagles had struggled to advance. First and ten for Philadelphia.

Legends advertise twice

Tennis legend Serena Williams has already starred in two ads this Super Bowl. She won 23 Grand Slams, so anything is possible with her.

Mahomes, almost intercepted

Let’s remember that in Super Bowl LV Patrick Mahomes was intercepted twice. He almost had a ball intercepted on this play. Then the Chiefs lost to Brady and Tampa.

Missed pass and loss of possession after throw to the post.

Mahomes misses the pass on third down and the Chiefs attempt a field goal on fourth down, but the ball hits the stick and goes wide. Eagles possession.

Mahomes shows off his repertoire in front of the Chiefs.

Another great long pass by Mahomes and first down. His preference is the aerial game, but he is able to alternate it with short passes and runs. The MVP of the season is showing off his repertoire. The score is still 7-7. Less than three minutes left in the first quarter.

Super (Hollywood) Bowl

You’re nobody in Hollywood these days if you don’t star in a Super Bowl ad. So far, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (whom a certain donut brand has paid enough to joke about casting roles in the newly resurrected couple), Alicia Silverstone (with homage to the high school movie classic ‘Clueless’ included), Bradley Cooper (and his mother), mountain Vin Diesel, talented comic Anna Faris and the great Ben Stiller (with homage to another classic: ‘Zoolander’) have paraded.

Chiefs take the lead

The Chiefs have managed to stop the second Eagles’ offense, penalized 10 yards for an infraction. They now take the initiative after scoring the first touchdown on their first offensive drive thanks to an aerial pass from Mahomes that Travis Kelce received in the end zone. Now, on this new offense they have a chance to take the lead.

Philadelphia clears

The Chiefs’ pressure has taken effect and they force Hurts to get rid of the ball. Philadelphia clears and Kansas gets the ball.

Philadelphia starts its second possession

Both teams have started the final with 75-yard drives. The script has started very similar to what was expected waiting for defensive surprises or a mistake. Philadelphia starts at the 35.

Touchdown for the Chiefs (7-7).

Another great pass by Mahomes and Kelce receives it in the end zone, the Chiefs convert the extra throw and tie it (7-7).

Now, on the run

Again first down after a great run by Pacheco. Offenses dominate defenses at the start of the game.

Chiefs advance, get first down on big pass from Mahomes

Each team shows its style. After the Eagles’ ground gain, the Chiefs get a first down on a great pass from Mahomes, who now goes on the run and gains eight yards.

It’s Mahomes’ turn, after a great start by the Eagles.

The Eagles’ first drive has been a blitz. The Chiefs take over, with quarterback Mahomes leading the way,

Jalen Hurts scores for Philadelphia 0-7.

Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts scores the first touchdown of the afternoon. It’s Kansas and Mahomes’ turn to show their cards.

Review of the play takes away a Philadelphia touchdown.

What a display of offensive hype from Philadelphia. The Eagles score the first of the afternoon with Gainwell, but on-field review by the referees reverses the decision.

Hurts, on the ground

Hurts shows why Philadelphia was so dominant in the National League. The quarterback has had plenty of time to throw, has turned to Devonta Smith and even got a first and ten with a run. Lots of muscle in the opening minutes.

Philadelphia kicks off

Philadelphia kicks off with what has been their style of play all season, a ground push strategy.

Doug Williams presents the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Doug Williams, the Washington Redskins quarterback, who incredibly is not a Hall of Famer, presents the trophy that either team will take home today. He was the first African-American qb to win a SB, in 1988.

Tribute to Pat Tillman; the Eagles kick off.

The NFL has turned the coin toss ceremony, which decides which team has first possession, into a tribute to Pat Tillman. The former Arizona Cardinals player has a tragic story. A star of the team, he decided to leave professional soccer to join the Army and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. There he met his death, the victim of friendly fire. The members of his foundation were in charge of the shooting. The Eagles kick off with the ball.

A nod to the armed forces

As Stapelton sang, the press room shook with the sound of supersonic aircraft flying over the stadium. Three squadrons from the Argonauts group passed over State Farm. These are aircraft that specialize in aerial combat. Some of these aircraft are stationed at the San Diego military base, one of the most important in the Pacific.

Babyface sings ‘America the beautiful

Babyface, the successful R&B musician and songwriter, performs this Ray Charles classic. He does it with a guitar full of American flags. Today’s game, by the way, is the first Super Bowl with two black quarterbacks as starters.

‘America the beautiful’ and the national anthem, before kickoff.

Country music star Chris Stapleton will sing the national anthem, while R&B legend Babyface is performing “America the Beautiful.” Actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph has performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” When asked who they were cheering for on Sunday, Ralph said the Eagles, while Stapleton and Babyface said they were rooting for Rihanna.

Full house in Glendale

So the atmosphere at the stadium, which will see its third Super Bowl since 2008. This is where the Cardinals are playing. There are more than 63,000 people here today.

The players take the field!

The countdown to the start of the Super Bowl is on. The Kansas City Chiefs players are the first to take the field. They are followed by the Philadelphia Eagles. The LVII edition of the Super Bowl, the game that crowns the champion of the National Football League (NFL), the professional soccer championship, is about to begin at State Farm Stadium in Glendale (Arizona). It is the most important sporting event of each year in the United States.

Two African-American quarterbacks for the first time

The first black quarterback to play professional league soccer was Fritz Pollard, 100 years ago. Doug Williams was the first to start and win a Super Bowl following the 1987 season. This Super Bowl will be the first in which two African-American quarterbacks will face off, with Patrick Mahomes leading the Chiefs’ offense and Jalen Hurts commanding the Eagles, the culmination of a season that started with 11 black players at the team’s most important position, offensive playmaker.

Mahomes can become the first two-time African-American champion if he leads the Kansas City Chiefs to victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 12. Hurts is aiming to become the fourth black QB to win the Super Bowl, joining Williams, Mahomes and Russell Wilson.
Performances begin, players wait in locker room

The pregame musical performances have begun, awaiting the main event, Rihanna, at halftime. The players pray, meditate and wait for the moment to take the field.

Tribute to Damar Hamlin

One of the tributes prior to the start of the game was for Damar Hamlin, who nearly died in a game this season when he suffered cardiac arrest after a tackle. On-field resuscitation and hospital treatment allowed him to survive. When he woke up, he asked “Did we win?” The game had been abandoned.

Celebrities in Glendale

The NFL Finals, the most watched sports spectacles in the U.S., attract many celebrities. Lebron James, who this week made history by becoming the NBA’s all-time points leader, has been spotted at the stadium. Also in the stands is actor Bradley Cooper, who, by the way, is wearing an Eagles jersey. Jay Z, the rapper and entrepreneur, has also been captured by the TV cameras.

Half an hour to go before the Super Bowl kicks off

There is half an hour left until the scheduled kickoff time of the Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Let’s remember: the Chiefs are present in the Super Bowl for the third time in four years. They won the 54th edition in 2020, lost the next one against the Bucaneers and last year were left out of the final won by the Los Angeles Rams to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to conquer the second Super Bowl in their history, after the one they won in 2018 against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots 41-33, then with Nick Foles as quarterback. The Eagles signed this season a flawless regular phase and became champions of the National Conference (NFC) after crushing in the playoffs first the NY Giants (38-7) and then the San Francisco 49ers (31-7).

Two brothers face each other

The Super Bowl will be won by a son of Donna Kelce. And he will also lose it. For the first time in NFL history, two brothers will face off in the biggest game of the year: Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Travis helped the Chiefs return to their third championship game in four seasons when they beat the Bengals for the AFC title, while Jason has the Eagles back for the second time in six seasons after their NFC title win over the 49ers.

Donna Kelce has already seen both of her sons win the Super Bowl, when the Eagles beat the Patriots in 2018 in Minneapolis, and when the Chiefs came from behind to beat the 49ers in Miami two years later.

Coming from a middle-class family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Jason led the way as when he earned a scholarship to Cincinnati, and Travis soon followed. Both caught the attention of NFL scouts during their college careers, and one coach in particular – Andy Reid. He was at the helm of the Eagles when they selected Jason in the sixth round of the 2011 draft. And two years later, after Reid had become Kansas City’s coach, the Chiefs used the third round of the draft to grab Travis.

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