Tampa Bay’s patience runs out as it heads to NFL playoffs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said his team feels an intense level of urgency to improve heading into the 2022 NFL season as they look to qualify for the NFL playoffs.

“We have an intense level of urgency going in with a great sense of determination and discipline to get better; we have four games left in the season, we have to have that confidence and take what’s in front of us,” he said.

Brady had one of the worst games in his 23-year career last Sunday in a visit to San Francisco, where the Buccaneers were crushed 35-7 by the 49ers, led by Brock Purdy, a 22-year-old rookie quarterback.

It was the first loss by the widely regarded best player in history to a quarterback making his first start in an NFL game.


The loss to the Gambusinos is a critical point in the bad season of the Bucs, who still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs thanks to the fact that their National Football Conference (NFC) South Division is the least competitive in the league.

Tampa Bay is the leader in that sector with a record of six wins and seven losses, a position it is holding on to with the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons close behind, each with a 5-8 record, hence the urgency to which the winner of seven NFL Super Bowl rings referred.

“I just think there’s an intense level of urgency that we all have to feel, including me. I have to execute in a good way, do what I have to do; that’s where all my focus is going to be this week,” he reiterated.

The 15-time Pro Bowl selection was critical of the low level of the offense he leads, 28th among 32 teams in points scored per game, which he is confident will improve in the Week 15 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“We are focused on Cincinnati. They are a great team, they have a young quarterback and a pretty tough defense; they have good-skill players, and they do a lot of things well. We are going to have to put everything we have if we want to win,” he concluded.

On the Bucs’ remaining schedule, after facing the Bengals, are clashes against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16, the Panthers in Week 17, and the Falcons on the final day.

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