The bizarre case of the 12-year-old MVP with a mustache who is accused of lying about his age

Jeremiah Johnson was recently crowned U.S. U-12 national champion with his team, Dallas Dragons Elite Academy, and was named Division 1 U-12 MVP. What could be a great achievement for this American soccer player

has turned into a viral debate after the player posted his picture on social media, an image in which he appears with a mustache and tattoos and looks much older.

In fact, that debate also reached the NFL and some players weighed in, including Ty Hill of the Miami Dolphins. “If this 12-year-old is really 12 years old my son doesn’t play soccer, these guys developed differently.”

However, Johnson has wanted to respond to the criticism by posting videos of his games with the Dallas Dragons and trying to be oblivious to the controversy. The player is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 90 kilos. His mother, Shana Evans, has come out in support of her son: “Look at my baby, how he delivers,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

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