The guide to watch live NFL Week 6

We are about to finish the first third of the 2023 NFL season, all this when week 6 is over. And we have great games for this day on the gridiron.

Not one, but several games to keep an eye on, but we have to choose one in particular to talk about it in detail. Cowboys vs Chargers.

Yes, Dallas is coming off a terrible loss against the 49ers, but they have to turn the page as soon as possible and get back to winning ways to avoid leaving so much space in their division.

The Chargers are coming off a rest and the truth is that they need a win because they have been looking for consistency for a long time, but they just can’t find it.

NFL Week 6 games to follow
Broncos open against Chiefs
Things are very bad for the Broncos and in Week 6, they could get even worse. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson have not been a solution for Denver, the crisis is strong.

It is said and told that after the loss against the Jets -in which they lost an advantage in the scoreboard-, strong changes are coming in all aspects, so the Chiefs could put the last nail in the coffin of Wilson and Payton.

For Kansas, this game is not dangerous and if everything goes according to how the NFL has been going, we can be sure that we will see a victory, they will only have to take good care of Travis Kelce, because he was injured in the last game.

Lions vs Buccaneers
In Detroit they are very excited and since before the start of the 2023 season, fortunately, their team on the gridiron is responding with victories.

They have been a great team in all lines and they are recovering pieces in the offense, which they did not have in their last game. For NFL Week 6, they have a tough matchup.

Baker Mayfield’s Buccaneers have been one of the pleasant surprises, because they are playing very well and surely, the week off was great for them… a great game is coming.

Yayants still in a nightmare… and they get the Bills
For the Giants, the bad times don’t end and now it’s their turn to face the Bills. The worst thing that could have happened to the New York franchise was to reach the postseason in 2022… because it was just a mirage.

It looked like Daniel Jones was the QB they needed, they extended his contract, paid him millions and after that, he went back to being the same old Daniel Jones, inoperative.

They had problems with Saquon Barkley for his contract, they got a deal as a franchise player, but injuries haunt the running back and a new one attacked him at the beginning of this 2023.

There is no way they can get out of their slump and even less when they have to play teams like the Bills, because they have achieved a balance in their entire roster.

They come from London and with a defeat on their backs, so they will not see who did it to them, but who will pay for it.

NFL Week 6

Team vs Team Date TV Channels Time
Broncos vs Chiefs Thursday, October 12 Fox Sports simulcast on Fox Sports Premium 6:15 PM
Ravens vs Titans Sunday, October 15 NFL Network 7:30 AM
Commanders vs Falcons Sunday, October 15 AfIZZIonad 11 AM
Vikings vs Bears Sunday, October 15 NFL Game Pass 11 AM
Seahawks vs Bengals Sunday, October 15 NFL Game Pass 11 AM
49ers vs Browns Sunday, October 15 Fox Sports 11 AM
Saints vs Texans Sunday, October 15 NFL Game Pass 11 AM
Colts vs Jaguars Sunday, October 15 Fox Sports 2 11 AM
Panthers vs Dolphins Sunday, October 15 NFL Game Pass 11 AM
Patriots vs Raiders Sunday, October 15 Channel 5 2:05 PM
Lions vs Buccaneers Sunday, October 15 NFL Game Pass 2:25 PM
Cardinals vs Rams Sunday, October 15 Fox Sports 2 2:25 PM
Eagles vs Jets Sunday, October 15 Fox Sports 2:25 PM
Giants vs Bills Sunday, October 15 ESPN and Star+ 6:20 PM
Cowboys vs Chargers Monday, October 16th ESPN and Star+ 6:15 PM

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