The Patriots have a lifeless offense Belichick’s worst year

Just as the great empires of mankind have been reduced to the shadow of their former glory, the New England Patriots are now mere ashes of a dynasty that dominated for nearly two decades.

Bill Belichick, until recently considered the brightest mind in the history of the game, is in his worst year as head coach with just two wins at this point in the season.

Things haven’t been the same in Foxborough since Tom Brady left. The dense fog of defeat is the atmosphere of every day.

The team is not working, but more seriously: their offense is almost dead.

Through 12 games in 2023, New England sits at the bottom of the league in scoring offense. The team is averaging 12.3 points per game, a figure reduced by three consecutive weeks without being able to score more than seven points in a game.

The history books recognize the 1977 Buccaneers as the worst scoring offense. On that season, Tampa Bay went 2-12 and scored just 7.4 points per game.

Today they face the tough defense of the Steelers.


Including the playoffs, Mike Tomlin is 3-9 (.250) as the Steelers’ head coach against the Patriots.


New England vs. Pittsburgh

Stadium: Acrisure Stadium

Broadcast: Fox Sports

Time: 19:15 hrs.

A former Jaguars employee has been accused of stealing $22 million from the team

According to U.S. media reports, Amit Patel, who worked in the team’s front office, allegedly embezzled the Jaguars by “exploiting the organization’s virtual credit card program.” Patel allegedly used the money to buy two vehicles, a condo, and a designer watch, among other things.

Also, he would have bought cryptocurrency, placed bets on online gambling sites, and chartered personal planes.

The team was not named in the federal filing, but the Jaguars have confirmed that Patel is accused of stealing from the franchise.

Patel was charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of illegal monetary transactions. for $22,221,454.40 from the Jaguars.

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