The serious mistake that cost Gilabert dearly: “You never have to turn your back on the ball”

An image showing where referee Francisco Gilabert was looking at the time of the penalty not charged in favor of Colo Colo in the regional final of Copa Chile against Universidad Católica reignited the controversy.

When 64 minutes of the game elapsed, goalkeeper Nicolás Peranic grabbed Carlos Palacios in the area but, despite the obvious infraction, the judge did not charge a penalty.

What happened? The cameras of the transmission capture that, at the moment of the lack of the crossed goalkeeper, Gilabert was looking the other way, ignoring the play.

Roberto Tobar, president of the Referees Commission, said: “The situation is quite clear to carry out an analysis. The referee should always warn of this type of situation.”

And it is that for former judges the situation is inexcusable. “The first thing they teach referees is that the problems are where the ball is. That’s a maxim. You never have to turn your back on the ball. It was at stake, so the referee can never lose sight of it. In 99% of cases, the problems are where the ball is. That second of distraction that Gilabert had complicated him in such a way that a foul occurs inside the area and all the conditions are met for it to be a penalty, “explained to LUN the former referee Cristián Julio.

“I was in a red zone. All balls in play inside the area are dangerous for the referee. Any foul in that place changes the future of the party. In any case, the assistant referees were able to inform him by intercom,” he added.

“If he wants to take a stand, he has to run backward. It costs nothing and doesn’t lose sight of the ball. His assistants and the fourth referee should have been attentive, more if they saw that Gilabert ran with his back to the game, “explained former judge Iván Guerrero.

What day will the rematch between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica be played?
Colo Colo and Universidad Católica will play the second final of the north-central zone this Sunday at 3 pm at the Monumental Stadium.

The winner of the key will advance to the national semifinal and will be measured against the winner of the north zone that will come out between Cobreloa, Cobresal and Coquimbo Unido.

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