They don’t want to! NFL Players Association Against Proposal to Ban Dangerous Tackles

The NFL Players Association announced Wednesday that it opposes the league’s Competition Committee’s proposal to ban the hip-drop tackle.

“The players oppose any attempt by the NFL to implement a rule prohibiting

the hip-drop tackle. We call on the NFL to reconsider the implementation of this rule,” the NFLPA said in a statement.

Earlier, the NFL’s Competition Committee stated its proposal to ban this type of tackle due to the number of injuries it has generated in recent seasons.

The so-called ‘hip-drop’ takedown is a tackle in which the defensive player throws himself from behind, on the opponent’s hip, which causes the offensive player’s knees or ankles to be trapped when knocked down, an action that last season caused several serious injuries.

Among the players who were hurt by this play are names such as Geno Smith, star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks; Tyreek Hill, star receiver for the Miami Dolphins, and Mark Andrews, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFLPA’s argument for not banning this play is the confusion it will generate in players if the modification is approved.

“While the NFLPA remains committed to improving our game with health and safety in mind, we cannot support a rule change that confuses us as players, coaches, officials and, especially, fans.”

The Competition Committee intends that the ‘hip-drop’ is considered illegal, so if the proposal is approved, the player who uses this tackle will receive a penalty of 15 yards; The opponent will get an automatic first and ten.

This proposal will be put to a vote at the NFL’s annual meeting to be held March 24-27. Accepting it requires the vote of at least 24 of the league’s 32 franchise owners.

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