Titans cut player and return his things in garbage bags

After eight years together in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans thanked offensive tackle Taylor Lewan for his services by sending him his stuff in garbage bags.

On February 22, the Titans cut the veteran, whom they selected in the 2014 Draft with the overall pick of 11. Lewan was a vital member of the team to such an extent that he was selected three times to the Pro Bowl.

Lewan played more than 100 games with the Titans, who, despite that link, sent him their stuff in garbage bags after cutting it days ago.
“A salute to the Titans, who threw my things at me today. They even let me keep the shoulder pads,” Lewan posted on his Twitter account attaching a photo.

The problem is that Lewan’s things were deposited in garbage bags and left outside his front door. The image caused annoyance among Titans fans, who even showed themselves in favor of the player.

But the trade didn’t end there, as Lewan sarcastically said he was excited about the development of the Tennessee Titans after general manager Ran Carthon said parting with the veteran was a difficult decision.
“It’s a difficult move to separate from Taylor Lewan, it’s been a key cog. We will continue to work to improve the offensive line in the future,” Carthon said.

“I only had two interactions with Ran, from what I deduced, he seemed to be a guy who kept his decisions and can quickly relate to players. I’m very excited about the future of the Titans. I can’t wait to look,” Lewan replied.

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