To Celebrate NFL International Diversity

Sports Newsroom, Sep 28 (EFE) .- Roger Godell, commissioner of the NFL, announced Wednesday that the league will celebrate the international diversity they have achieved, which includes 55 countries, during weeks four and five of the 2022 NFL season.

“The NFL is proud of the broad collection of nationalities

and the heritage of its players across the league. We recognize the many cultures they represent and the excitement they bring to their local fans that help grow our game,” Goodell said.

There will be 206 players who will participate in this celebration carrying a sticker with the flag of their country or the nation that links them to their origins on the back of the helmet, next to that of the United States.

The initiative, which is player-led, seeks to showcase the NFL’s global influence and recognize the impact that contributing nations around the world have had on each of their teams.

Thanks to this, fans will see more than 50 nations and territories represented.

Players can choose to use, along with the American flag, the flag of an international country or territory if they lived there for two years or more, or if they have a parent or grandparent born there.

Among the best-known elements of the league that will participate in this initiative is Kyler Murray, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, who is the son of a South Korean mother.

“I’m proud to play with the South Korean flag on my helmet. It’s a great way to honor my mother, honor my heritage, and highlight the diverse backgrounds that make up the NFL,” Murray boasted.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was also happy to extol his Samoan origins.

“I am proud to represent my heritage with the Samoan flag on my helmet. My family and my culture are very important to me. Our name means everything, and it’s an honor to be able to represent my Samoan heritage as an NFL player,” Tua said.

Among the Mexicans who will be part of the celebration are Will Hernandez, guard of the Arizona Cardinals, as well as Alfredo Gutierrez, of the 49ers, and Isaac Alarcón, of the Cowboys, members of the practice teams of their respective squads.

Also noteworthy is Chicago Bears kicker Cairo Santos; The Chilean Sammis Reyes, tight end in the practice team of the Commanders, a position similar to that occupied by the Spanish José Joaquín Arcega-Whiteside, in the Seattle Seahawks.

New Orleans Saints catcher Chris Olave will carry the Cuban flag because of his father’s ancestry, as will Eddy Piñero, the son of a Cuban, who plays for the Bears.

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