Tom Brady addresses rumors of his supposed second NFL return to Miami Dolphins

Imagine that everything Tom Brady has been through in the last year has been in vain and the legendary quarterback makes the decision to play one more year. The criticism against him would be harsh, but many people would be delighted to be able to see GOAT play again.

Recent reports suggest the Miami Dolphins are trying to convince him to return for one more season. The Rich Eisen Show reported this, but we still had no idea if Tom Brady would react or keep quiet. Certainly, complete silence on his part would embarrass him and the rumors in Miami would increase. But Brady did respond, he did with a joke.

If this tweet indicates anything, it’s that Tom Brady is having fun in his retirement, but he doesn’t seem willing to go back. Keep in mind that he already said he would start his career at Fox Sports by the end of 2024. While some Twitter users flatly think he’s lying and will come back, others took that reference to the kitten to the extreme.

Whatever Tom Brady meant, confirms that these rumors are not true at all. However, we all know how the GOAT sometimes rolls. He can change his posture in the blink of an eye and we could see him prepared during pre-season.

Why is Miami a real possibility for Tom Brady?
The Miami Dolphins are perhaps the only NFL team that can really convince Tom Brady to return a second time. The reasons for this are not so difficult to guess, given that two of his children live there. Tom Brady wants to continue raising his children with Gisele Bündchen and play football for another season if possible.

For now, he remains retired. But that can change quickly and we’re here for it. Either way, he has already shown that he can continue to play at the highest level for at least a couple more years.

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