Tom Brady considers continuing his career in the NFL

One of the most shocking news of 2022 was Tom Brady retirement; however, weeks later, the quarterback repented and decided to stay on the gridiron and has made it clear that it is not yet time to leave the sport he loves so much.

In fact, the current QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is considering extending his career for one more season, according to the NFL website, which highlights that one of his possibilities is to do so as a free agent.

Once his performance with the Bucs is over, Brady will begin to listen to offers and make the decision that best suits him, although there is a possibility that he will remain one more season in his current team, since they are delighted to have him.

The option of seeing him in another NFL team is open and it has become clear that at 45 years of age he can still compete at the highest level demanded by the league and is looking to continue his successful legacy.

The quarterback considered by many as the best of all time retired in the summer and a month later regretted his decision. Today, he does not rule out returning once his contract runs out.

In his 23rd year in the NFL, Brady has his Bucs first in the NFC South division. With a 6-6 record, they have enough to depend on themselves. The QB has done his job; 16 touchdowns, three interceptions, 3,332 yards and 66.2% pass completions.

With his contract expiring at the end of the current NFL season, the quarterback is not ruling out any options for 2023. He will still need to finish the current campaign, where he will attempt to earn his second ring with the franchise.


Tom Brady is analyzing all options to play one more year as a professional, he also sees the possibility of entering free agency.

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