Travis Kelce criticizes ‘NFL circus’ for his relationship with Taylor Swift: ‘Let them get him down’

It seems that Travis Kelce is no longer likes so much “circus, maroma and theater” around his love interest with the world music megastar Taylor Swift, and even criticized the NFL for how they have handled the issue and the amount of space they are dedicating to this issue that, strictly, is something personal.

It’s hard to think that if you date someone world-famous as the leader of the Swifties they won’t make a tremendous fuss, but the Kansas City Chiefs player believes that even the league itself is overreaching and paying attention to both, particularly with the singer’s presence in the two most recent Chiefs games.

What did Travis Kelce say about Taylor Swift today?

In the podcast he has with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis believes that the NFL has shown “obsession” for his relationship with Swift, describing as “exaggerated” the number of shots they have recently dedicated to focusing on Taylor in the stands, something that many fans have been unhappy with on social networks.

“I think it’s fun when they show all the personalities that go to a game, that gives an extra to the atmosphere of the game and for those who are watching it at home, but, at the same time, I think with Taylor the NFL is overdoing it a little bit, I’m sure,” Kelce said.

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