Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, arrived in Argentina to see the singer: he will be present at the shows

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend a few months ago, landed in Argentina to be able to meet the American singer again while she performed her scheduled shows at the River Plate stadium.

According to, the Kansas City Chiefs star returned from Kansas City at 11 p.m. on Thursday, making a one-hour stopover in Panama City to refuel, before flying to Buenos Aires on Friday afternoon.

Therefore, she was not among the more than 70,000 fans who filled the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires on Thursday and was previously spotted in Kansas City attending teammate Patrick Mahomes’ Foundation Gala.

Travis, the 34-year-old American player, will share lodging at the Four Seasons Hotel, where the singer is staying, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro. Most of the international stars who visit the country usually stay in this same place.

In addition, Travis Kelce will be present at the stadium to witness Taylor’s second and third shows. In this way, he will share his passion with the American singer who will once again fill all the venues.

Why Taylor Swift’s Show Was Canceled

The singer was going to perform her second show on November 10, but the authorities decided to reschedule it for another date due to the strong storms in different provinces of Argentina. Then, the singer gave her word after learning of the suspension of the recital.

Since this morning, the National Meteorological Service warned of a yellow alert with large storms for the Federal Capital and different localities in the province of Buenos Aires.

Although DF Entertainment, the leading live entertainment company in Argentina, announced that “the opening hours of doors were going to be modified”. However, a few hours later they confirmed that “the show will be rescheduled”.

“Due to adverse weather conditions, prioritizing the safety of the audience, Taylor Swift’s | The Eras Tour, scheduled for today at River Plate, is rescheduled for Sunday, November 12 at the same time,” they wrote in the statement.

“All tickets for Friday’s performance will remain valid for Sunday’s show,” they added.

To reassure fans, the singer came out to speak after the suspension of her second show was confirmed, and through her Twitter account (X), she said: “I love a show in the rain, but I will never endanger my fans or my fellow artists and team.”

“We have rescheduled tonight’s show in Buenos Aires for Sunday because the weather is so chaotic that it would be unsafe to attempt to perform this concert,” he said.

Finally, Taylor Swift highlighted the positive point and said: “The good news is that I will be able to stay longer in Argentina.” The American will continue with her recitals on November 11 and 12. On the 9th of the same month he had already done his first show in the country.

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