U-20 World Cup Argentina 2023: TV channels and streaming to watch the group stage live

The U-20 World Cup in Argentina is about to begin. The tournament organized by FIFA starts this Saturday, May 20, and ends on Sunday, June 11.

There are 24 teams that will fight to be crowned champion of the category contest. In the last edition of the tournament, the Ukrainian team was the team that won the victory by beating South Korea (3-1) in the final.

Ecuador, on the other hand, is located in group B, which is seeded by its counterpart in the United States. Slovakia and Fiji are the other two teams that complement this zone.

The mini-Tri will debut against the North American team in what will be one of the opening matches of the international competition.

The group stage will be played from the following Saturday, May 20, until Sunday 28 of the current month.

Channels to watch live the group stage of the U-20 World Cup Argentina 2023
In our country, the FIFA U-20 World Cup can be seen on DirecTV and DGO.

This is the calendar of date 1 of the U-20 World Cup Argentina 2023


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