UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifiers: Schedule, fixtures, telecast & more

Matchday 1 of the qualifiers will begin from 23rd March 2023.

From March 2023 to March 2024, the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying tournament will take place with the objective of selecting 23 national men’s teams from UEFA member nations that will join the host team Germany, which has already secured a spot, in the final tournament of the UEFA Euro 2024. Additionally, the tournament will be associated with the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League, offering countries an alternative path to qualify for the final tournament.

UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifiers Format

The UEFA EURO 2024 qualification format is similar to that of the 2020 UEFA EURO qualifying competition. The qualifying process consists of a group stage and play-offs to determine the final 23 teams for the tournament that will join the hosts, Germany. The group stage involves 53 UEFA member associations divided into ten groups, with the winners and runners-up from each group qualifying directly for the tournament.

The remaining three teams will be decided through the play-offs, which will be held in March 2024. Twelve teams will be selected based on their performance in the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League. The teams will be divided into three paths, and one team from each path will qualify for the final tournament. The group winners of Nations Leagues A, B, and C will automatically qualify for the play-off path of their league, unless they have already qualified through the qualifying group stage.

The remaining slots for the play-offs will be allocated to the next best team in the Nations League overall ranking. The three play-off paths will have two single-leg semi-finals and one single-leg final. The winner of the final will be determined by drawing lots between the winners of the semi-final pairings. The three play-off path winners will join the twenty teams that have already qualified for the final tournament through the group stage.

Which country will host the UEFA EURO 2024?

Germany will host the UEFA EURO 2024.

When will the UEFA EURO 2024 take place?

The UEFA EURO 2024 will take place from 14th June to 14th July 2024.

Who are the defending champions of the UEFA EURO competition?

Italy is the defending champions of the UEFA EURO competition.

When will the qualification for the UEFA EURO 2024 take place?

The qualification for the UEFA EURO 2024 will take place from 23rd March 2023 to 26th march 2024.

How many teams qualify for the final tournament?

In the tournament finals hosted in Germany, twenty teams will be participating after qualifying through the group stage, and an additional three teams will join the hosts in the showpiece event after earning their place through the play-offs.

Qualification Schedule (The dates are according to Indian Standard Time)

UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifiers Matchday 1 of 10 Schedule 

23rd March 2023

Kazakhstan vs Slovenia (8:30 pm)

24th March 2023

Slovakia vs Luxembourg (1:15 am)

Italy vs England (1:15 am)

Denmark vs Finland (1:15 am)

Portugal vs Liechtenstein (1:15 am)

San Marino vs Northern Ireland (1:15 am)

North Macedonia vs Malta (1:15 am)

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iceland (1:15 am)

Bulgaria vs Montenegro (10:30pm)

25th March 2023

Gibraltar vs Greece (1:15 am)

Moldova vs Faroe Islands (1:15 am)

Serbia vs Lithuania (1:15 am)

Austria vs Azerbaijan (1:15 am)

Sweden vs Belgium (1:15 am)

Czech Republic vs Poland (1:15 am)

France vs Netherlands (1:15 am)

Scotland vs Cyprus (7:30 pm)

Israel vs Kosovo (10:30 pm)

Armenia vs Turkey (10:30 pm)

Belarus vs Switzerland (10:30 pm)

26th March 2023

Spain vs Norway (1:15 am)

Croatia vs Wales (1:15 am)

Andorra vs Romania (1:15 am)

Matchday 2 of 10 Schedule

26th March 2023

Kazakhstan vs Denmark (6:30 pm)

England vs Ukraine (9:30 pm)

Liechtenstein vs Iceland (9:30 pm)

Slovenia vs San Marino (9:30 pm)

27th March 2023

Slovakia vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (12:15 am)

Northern Ireland vs Finland (12:15 am)

Luxembourg vs Portugal (12:15 am)

Malta vs Italy (12:15 am)

28TH March 2023

Montenegro vs Serbia (12:15 am)

Netherlands vs Gibraltar (12:15 am)

Poland vs Albania (12:15 am)

Austria vs Estonia (12:15 am)

Sweden vs Azerbaijan (12:15 am)

Moldova vs Czech Republic (12:15 am)

Hungary vs Bulgaria (12:15 am)

Ireland vs France (12:15 am)

Georgia vs Norway (9:30 pm)

29th March 2023

Wales vs Latvia (12:15 am)

Romania vs Belarus (12:15 am)

Switzerland vs Israel (12:15 am)

Kosovo vs Andorra (12:15 am)

Turkey vs Croatia (12:15 am)

Scotland vs Spain (12:15 am)

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