Unai Elgezabal: “We are going to go with all the ambition in the world to Levante”

Unai Elgezabal, captain of Burgos CF, reviewed this Wednesday the black-and-white news before the media gathered in the press room of El Plantío. The versatile player from Urduliz is committed to going day by day in the season, competing against any rival and maintaining a “clear and attractive” proposal.

Sensations after the first day of LaLiga HyperMotion: “Bittersweet taste. We have discussed it among ourselves. We sinned in the first minutes when we didn’t know how to get into the game, but then the score doesn’t reflect what we saw on the pitch. The team was very dynamic, very daring and we had many chances to play in the opposite field. We did everything to win, although we were not as effective as possible, the feelings are good and we have to continue growing because this has only just begun.”

Ability to react: “It’s something that the coach has emphasized. Despite not having started as we would have liked, the team did not fall apart. We started playing in the opposite field, taking the second plays and creating chances. The draw was good for us to enter fully and then, as I said before, the score does not reflect what was seen in the game. We were left with that bittersweet taste, but we kept going and now we face a new game, also very important.”

A different Burgos CF: “A new coaching staff has come, players, and it’s a process. The adaptation period is very good and we are adapting to the demands of the new coaching staff. They are new concepts, new ideas, but I think we have a very attractive idea, people can enjoy it a lot and we hope it will give good results.”

Proposal: “Here is a very clear idea, whatever the rival. The coach emphasizes this, that it is believed in the style and concepts that we work on a day-to-day basis. And both the players who have been here for many years and the new additions are adapting like a charm to what the coach asks and we will go with all the ambition in the world to Levante to try to get the three points. Competing we are a very solid and very compact block and we can do beautiful things.”

Role: “It enriches me as a player. I try to learn every day and adapt to the demands and the new style of play that can enrich me. I adapt to what the coaching staff asks. I enjoy competing and wherever it is, I try to score.”

Levante: “Beyond being able to analyze their pros and cons, we have to focus on our team and see where we can hurt them. We are clear that it is a team under construction, we know how the market works, but it is something in which we should not waste time. We have to play a very serious game and compete with them one-on-one.”

Equality of La Liga: “Of the 22 teams that participate, 16 aspire to the playoff. We can see strong teams that haven’t started winning, but we know it’s a very long competition and it turns around very quickly. We have to focus on the day-to-day, look at the short term.”

A dream to fulfill: “There are many. When I came here my goal was to take Burgos to professional football. It was a very hard year, but at the same time, it was incredible, not only for the performance of the team but for that union between the city, the fans, and the team. And then two positive years keeping the team. Players can’t stop dreaming. I don’t like to look at the long term, but to be able to aspire to a playoff and the First Division would be wonderful.”

Market closure: “I totally agree with Michu. I do not know to what extent we can force ourselves so that a solution can be given. It’s not up to us and hopefully, it can be changed for the sport and the players.”

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