Watch Your Favorite Boxing Live Matches Without Cable In 2022

Are you tired of overpaying to channels to watch boxing matches? And the worst, you don’t even get all the shows on one channel!

If you have been wondering where can I watch the boxing fight tonight, tomorrow, and every other day, keep reading. You can watch boxing matches streaming on different channels using boxing streaming services.

This post will tell you about top sites streaming boxing matches in 2022. And yes, there’s no need for a cable to watch boxing matches now.

Top Sites streaming Boxing Matches Without Cable In 2022

Most cables have locked boxing sites behind the paywall. So, watching them, it is necessary to use the unofficial sites that stream the matches for free. These sites come with copyright infringement, and watching the content is a risk factor even though the officials rarely get them.

However, you can lower your risk factor by using a VPN. You can find a VPN add-on for Chrome and other popular browsers. There are many VPN apps and VPN extensions out there.

We recommend using the VeePN VPN service. You can download the VPN VPN Google extension and start right away. Consequently, it’ll improve streaming while being your security guard.

Watch boxing online free with these top sites:


USTV Go is the best site chosen by all boxing fans since they streamed the entire program live. This user-friendly platform comes along with a regular schedule to inform the users about the correct time for logging in and watching their favorite shows. This platform is for people with queries like, ‘Where can I watch old boxing matches?’

As the name suggests, this streaming platform focuses on the channel. If it is on the United States border, you need a VPN to access them. The main advantage of this website is a vast library for most. USTV Go shows with an excellent record for being available at the right time.

Live TV

Similar to the above streaming channel, this also offers a variety of sports streams. Having its base in Russia, this streaming line provides data on the upcoming programs combined with the promoters and the previews of the year 2006. Since it has been active for over 15 years, we consider it reliable among multiple fans, especially for boxing.

Live TV streams have many matches, and you can try them continuously if you have difficulty accessing other sites through the websites in your country. This site is most suitable for live streaming and not for recorded videos since most of them are taken immediately after a day to avoid copyright infringement.


If you are searching for a simple and easy-to-use platform, BuffStreams is the best option since it comes with user-friendly options, especially for the sports categories. Ranging from basketball to NFL, there is a wide range of games available, including boxing matches.

If you are interested in multiple sports, BuffStreams can be a better option to watch boxing online free through live mode but the pre-notified schedules.

The major disadvantage of this platform is the availability of as that occurs between the live streams. It might take some time to play the video, but the quality makes it a better option to customize.


This unofficial streaming site offers a variety of channels outside of the US platform and includes boxing matches through sports channels like Euro sports and BBC.

Even though it might be confusing to access and search through this site, at first, it can be a brilliant choice to watch live streaming boxing matches. It is a perfect opportunity for European fans to watch their favorite shows.

Stream2Watch provides a wide range of copyrighted content through the embedding technique since it does not directly upload any video content to avoid risk factors. But regardless of what risks it might pose, the content is of perfect quality.

Crack Streams

This exclusive streaming site offers a variety of boxing and other sports, including soccer. It provides live streaming for the viewers with a pre-informed schedule that makes it easy for you to view.

Even though it’s not the first pick for most viewers, it can be a trusted site for most. It requires registration, and the navigation process is complex compared to the other sites mentioned above.

Why Is Streaming Better Than Cable?

If you want to watch all these matches without any piracy, the better option is to go for official websites like ESPN, Showtime, and others with a monthly payment option. So if you are wondering ‘where can I watch ESPN without cable?’ then the solution is online platforms. The main issue with these live streaming official websites is that they are available only for specific countries like the cable options.

Even if the cable is fun to watch, it is not live, and you might not have the privilege of watching it fresh when you already have the information about who won the match. It offers you to enjoy the fight as much as everyone around the world is enjoying it simultaneously.


These are the top sites that offer boxing streaming services. You watch boxing online free with these, and when clubbed with a VPN, your streaming will improve as well.

Among the options available, you might find the one perfect for you, not just for boxing but also for other sports that you like.

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