Watson Wins, St. Brown Shines: Quarterback Scandal Returns Weak After 700 Days

Deshaun Watson is back in the NFL after a two-year hiatus. The star quarterback has long been out due to abuse allegations and a suspension. He enjoys his comeback, even if he delivers a weak game.

The Cleveland Browns earned their fifth win of the season with quarterback Deshaun Watson’s comeback. But benefited mostly from other parts of the team. 700 days after his last NFL game, Watson, who had been suspended for eleven games over allegations of abuse. Ran out of touchdown passes at 27:14 against the Houston Texans. The Browns scored their three own touchdowns after intercepting balls through their defense. In a duel with his former team. Watson made 12 of his 22 pass attempts to a teammate and threw for a total of just 131 yards. One of his passes was intercepted.

Even though NRG Stadium was half empty St. Brown Shines, Watson was booed loudly throughout the game before every Browns play. “They should boo,” Watson said. “I’m a Cleveland Brown now and we’re out, so they have to boo. Coach Kevin Stefanski said of Watson’s performance: “You’re obviously missing out on a lot of time. So you have to get back into the game. You have to get out of the way the first time. But I know what the boy is capable of.”

After the game, Watson was asked if he felt any remorse for what the league called “predatory” and “outrageous” actions that led to his suspension. Watson again refused to answer these questions. “Was happy to be back on the field today. I did everything they asked me to do and what I had to do. I did all that. And I was able to play today and stand on the field.

Over the summer, Watson agreed to settle 23 of the 24 civil claims against him. Two lawsuits are pending against him, including one filed on Oct. 13. Two other women filed criminal complaints against Watson but did not sue him. As part of the suspension agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, Watson also had to pay a $5 million fine and enter a treatment program. The league had described Watson’s actions as “predatory” and “outrageous.”

St. Brown Shines

The day was a good one for the Detroit Lions around Amon-Ra St. Brown, who contributed two touchdowns in a 40-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Lions’ fifth win of the season and overall showed a very solid performance. He caught eleven passes for a total of 114 yards. Meanwhile, he has had twelve career touchdowns, making him by far the most successful German in NFL history. “It went pretty well, my second game with two touchdowns and it was our best performance as a team. 40 points up, only 14 points allowed. As a team it was the best performance since I’ve been here,” he said on the 23rd. Beneficiary of the two-year pass with German mother and American father of the German Press Agency.

“It was a big win for us because I feel like he can help us until December,” coach Dan Campbell said. Similarly, St. Brown assessed the situation of the Lions, who now have five wins and seven losses, even with a chance of making the playoffs. “We have five games left in the season and we want to finish the season strong. We have a good team ahead of us on the Vikings next week, it will be a tough game in the division, but today’s game will take us forward.”

Meanwhile, Amon-Ra’s brother, Equanimeous St. Brown, suffered a 19-28 loss at the Green Bay Packers meeting. The Chicago Bears were up 16-3 by one point, and St. Brown had one of its best games this season, catching three passes for 85 yards. But the Packers, who signed St. Brown for the first four years of his NFL career, turned things around and kept alive their slim playoff hopes with their fifth win of the season.

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