When is the 2023 NFL draft? How it works and where it will be

Gridiron fans will have to wait several months for his return, but the NFL is already working on the details of its next season, kicked off by its next draft.

What is the NFL Draft?
It is a recruitment process for each of the league’s franchises, which has seven rounds and about 224 selections, which is divided into three days, and eligible players come from NCAA

college football.

For young athletes to earn their eligibility for such a ceremony, they must have played at least three years in the NCAA, as well as three years since graduation from high school.

How is the order of the picks determined?
The selections by the franchise are determined according to their record of the previous season, that is, the league seeks to give priority to the teams classified to the playoffs and with poor performance, so the order is given from 1 to 18 according to their record of games won and lost.

Regarding the teams that did get their qualification to the postseason, they are listed in reverse order of the round in which they were eliminated. So they are assigned from 19 to 24 for those who fell in the wild card round, 25 to 28 for the divisional, 29 and 30 for the conference finals, number 31 for the Super Bowl loser, and box 32 for the champion.

However, many selections are changed before and during the Draft, this is due to the interests of each franchise, as well as the exchanges of players.

Order for the 2023 NFL Draft
For this year, the Draft will be held at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, from April 27 to 29. Due to the above, the Chicago Bears will be the first overall selection, the Houston Texans the second and the third will be at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals.

The top picks for the 2023 NFL Draft first pick are linebacker Will Anderson Jr of the Alabama Crimson Tide; defensive tackle Jalen Carter of the Georgia Bulldogs; and offensive tackles Peter Skoronski of Northwestern and Paris Johnson Jr. of the Ohio State Buckeyes.


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