Who is Travis Kelce Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend?

Great stir has caused in recent days the attendance of Taylor Swift, an NFL game, on September 24, because everything would indicate that one of the players of that game would be the love interest of the famous singer.

And it is that during this match he was seen accompanying a woman who would be the mother of this athlete, with whom he even celebrated the athlete’s scores, so many have speculated about a new sentimental relationship.

As we told you in La Verdad Noticias, even the mere presence of the artist caused an increase in sales of Kansas City Chiefs team jerseys, so many have now wondered who Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is.

Who is Travis Kelcey’s new boyfriend of Taylor Swift?

After relating them, many fans have wanted to know more information about Taylor’s new boyfriend, so here we will tell you everything we know about Travis Kelce.

Travis is an American football player and member of the Kansas City Chiefs, born on October 5, 1989 in Cleveland, United States, since his childhood he has been very assiduous to the sport practicing baseball, basketball and football.

After playing for various school teams, he managed to reach the NFL in 2013, when he signed for his current team for an amount of 3 million dollars,

He even managed to be champion in Super Bowl LIV, beating the San Francisco 49ers, an achievement he repeated in 2022 – by beating the Philadelphia Eagles. and Actualment is one of the most recognized athletes in the United States.

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

According to the athlete’s testimony, he wanted to give her a friendship bracelet, but failed, which is why he threw a ball to the roof where Taylor lived to invite her to the September 24 game between the Chiefs and the Chicago Bears.

“I threw the ball to his roof and said, ‘I’ve seen you giving it your all in Arrowhead. You’ll have to come and see me at the stadium and see which one does it better.’ We’ll see what happens in the future.”

Despite this, the singer said yes, because according to her it seemed a very good way to spend Sunday, and this has unleashed rumors of their affair.

This Sunday, October 1, Travis’ team will have a game, so Taylor is expected to also appear in the stands.

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