Young Peruvian shines in the U.S., looking to make it to the NFL

Saint Martin. Juan Mario Velarde Vásquez, the Peruvian who came to the Central University of North Carolina in the United States to study Business Administration, now shines with his own light in Division 1 of the American football team. In this group, he works hard in order to make the big leap to the National Football League and thus continue to leave Peru at the top.

He told the regional newspaper Amanecer that until he was 14 years old, he grew up in his native Moyobamba with his family. Later, he emigrated to the United States, where he quickly entered the university, due to his commitment to academic cycles and his physical preparation. “To get on the University of North Carolina football team, you have to meet a lot of requirements. Stand out in academic cycles and, above all, have good physical resistance, “he said.

The athlete remembers with emotion that last year they won the national championship in Atlanta, at the Mercedes Benz stadium. With this triumph, he saw his first results of dedication to his studies and sport. Also, in this contest, he was nominated as the player of the week of the entire competition.

The athlete hopes to continue reaping triumphs to leave his country at the top. In that context, he wants to return to Moyobamba, where he hopes that different sports disciplines will be implemented at the regional level to look for new talents in children and young people.

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